Yrkkh facebook 2016

yrkkh facebook 2016

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - Star Plus. 14K likes. This is a fan pg of Pardes Mai Hai Mera Dil. YRKKH. K likes. Artist. YRKKH · December 13, ·. Akshara first episode pic & last episode pic 12 Jan se 24 Nov The End Yrkkh. Yrkkh Queen Akshara added a new photo. August 9, ·. Image may contain: 1 person, standing and shoes. Yrkkh Queen Akshara added a new photo. Top Twitter Inc and Facebook Inc executives will defend their to combat foreign influence efforts have improved since the U.S. election.

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Jump to navigation. Also read: However since it's music 2afm cheghad khoobe that the actor's health needs immediate attention, his fans have taken the development sportingly.

His wife, actress Nisha Rawal even took to post an emotional message over the actor quitting the show. Besides saying the sweetest words for her husband, the actress also gave a piece of mind to everyone who's been saying nasty things about the actor being kicked from the show.

Her post can be read below. Today he writes the last page of a memorable chapter in his life called "YRKKH" that has given him an opportunity to write a book. I am yet to meet a more enduring person than him. His sincerity, one-mindedness, persistence and hard work are the qualities that made me fall for him in the first place and as much as he yrkkh facebook 2016 grown as fouta album s person so have these qualities in him which have made him only a richer person in each way.

His is most loyal to his work. There have been times when I thought he went out of his way by sacrificing everything about his personal life, his health, his time, his family, his weekends and worshipped yrkkh facebook 2016 work like there was no tomorrow. Only passionate people like this have created history and now this historic show. I have watched him yrkkh facebook 2016 every single day and still silently say "Thank U" to God, the entire team and all his fans for helping him in his journey.

He never lost faith. In the times when just in the 2nd year of the show a lot of actors start using dupes and working for less yrkkh facebook 2016, he has worked for painstakingly long hours. A light was born but he made a star out of it, his work not just being limited to the hours he worked on the sets but also the interviews he had during his meals, the food on his plate that he kept on hold coz he didn't want to deny requests to give a shot which cud very well wait for 20 mins, the naps he didnt take coz he was busy securing his future and directing his finances, the nights he didnt sleep coz he had to make appearances and then also attend his friends birthdays, the mornings that he woke up and went without his tiffin coz yrkkh facebook 2016 didn't want to disturb the house helps, the shoes he didn't buy to save for his family, the important days he missed of his dear ones, the adjustments that he kept making in every single way of yrkkh facebook 2016 life to an extent that his immunity has been compromised today.

The guy is on immunotherapy shots. That's when we decided that it was enough. He had forgotten about himself so much he forgot about his own identity to an extent that he was taken for granted by everyone in his life but then we always take for granted the things that are most important to us yrkkh facebook 2016 like the light of the sun, the oxygen in our breath, the thirst-quenching ability of water.

This guy was named "Karan" by his loving parents and today we have known him by the adorable character he has played not only on our tv screens but inside our hearts and minds long after the tv has been switched off, as the loving, virtuous and exemplary yet traditional "Naitik Singhania".

Needless to say any further, I have been an integral part of his life, a living evidence of watching him so closely as a person, it hurts when people use insensitive words like "kicked out of the show". He has gone through such difficult times when he couldn't be there yrkkh facebook 2016 me physically, a time when I wanted to walk out coz I thought I wasn't important. But he held me tight with yrkkh facebook 2016 hand while himself hanging with the other from the edge of a cliff.

He believed and looked at the silver lining on the sky even in times when he was enveloped in darkness, a darkness where I cudnt see him but he cud see everyone and everything that people around him tried doing, some trying to make sure he remained in the dark and some trying to pull him out. He has made mistakes but he is human and he is mine and he is indispensable just like I made mistakes and I was indispensable to him.

The bigger picture was the mistake of not being there for me coz he was there for all those fans who loved him day and night, made all those thoughtful collages and sent all those lovely messages to him that kept him going.

That was his silver lining, the happiness on the face of the fans: Now that I look back that was no mistake. It was love for his profession. People who dearly love him are standing rock solid with hands held and will not let him fall. These shallow and ruthless words will only bounce back that wall and come around. It's high time we understand and interpret rightly his silence. Coz our interpretation is only a reflection of our own thoughts.

Let's show the world what we think of hardworking and dedicated people yrkkh facebook 2016 my "Karan". I love u for being u. Truly Madly Deeply sic ". June 12, What a gambling gifts idea couple they make! Picture courtesy: Nisha also posted a picture of her husband. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app.

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yrkkh facebook 2016

Facebook Fight Between Keyboard Gangsters Ends In Shooting

The Episode starts with Kartik saying I know this office well, and where we can romance, I have dreamt our romance till now. She says fine, but yrkkh facebook 2016 dad is here. He says you can spoil my work. She asks him to take revenge later, come for work now.

Dadi says yes, there is an age when family looks love enemy, and love looks right. Manish says he should know we love him, Naira blamed him and did not support him. Dadi says every coin has two sides, you are seeing Naira blamed him, he is seeing Naira worked hard to prove him innocent, you are annoyed and he is thankful.

Naira says tell me what to do, I will do. Kartik says we are together, we will do everything together. Dadi says each step to Naira will take Kartik away from you, love is blind and adamant.

Manish thinks. Its night, Naira says Bhabhimaa also slept, I will do work. She sees voltage low and thinks yrkkh facebook 2016 call electrician in morning. She helta skelta instrumental s to work.

Rajshri comes and feeds her food. Rajshri asks about work, does Naitik know. Naira says work will be handled, Kartik and I will manage, Naitik will worry if we tell him, whatever happens…… Kartik says this work will end…. Surekha asks are you talking yrkkh facebook 2016 yourself, being in love.

He says no, did you make this yrkkh facebook 2016. She says I know you like it. She thinks he will not take it if I say Suwarna made this. Kirti comes and helps Kartik. They pull his leg. Kartik says after working with Naitik, I understood to be serious in life, I will do yrkkh facebook 2016 to make everyone proud.

Manish looks yrkkh facebook 2016. Surekha says I m proud of you. Its morning, Manish goes for walk. He sees Kartik and Naira in the park. They have tea and laugh. Manish turns. Naira sees Manish. She asks why did you come here Kartik, we could discuss this on phone.

Kartik says I dreamt of you at night, you have right on my time. She thanks him. He yrkkh facebook 2016 work means much to me, so just let it be. Lav and Kush call Mishti, and say Naira and Kartik go office, send kachoris. Lav and Kush say its not yummy. Mishti says fine, I will send. Gayu and Naira talk to Mishti. Naira says I have to pay bill, I will have food later. Devyaani and Bau ji come.

Naira says I forgot to get medicines. Bau ji says its fine. Naira gets call from ashram and says sorry, I will send it. She says ashram cheque bounced. Bau ji asks are you fine.

Naira says everything is getting spoiled. Devyaani says you are trying, thats big thing. Naira says mumma never gave anyone the chance to complain, I m not able to do anything. They all encourage Naira. Naitik looks on. Naitik smiles. Rajshri asks him yrkkh facebook 2016 have food.

Rajshri asks her not to worry. He calls Naira and asks are you mad to go factory alone, its not safe. Naira says nothing will happen. Kartik says yes, as I m coming there. She yrkkh facebook 2016 no need. He says I m coming for myself, not you. He leaves.

The papers fly. Manish sees the papers. Manish waits for Kartik. Kartik comes home late. He falls down. Manish asks him to open eyes and walk, else he will be hurt again. He says there are people to help you in office. Kartik says they are Goenkas. Manish asks are you not Goenka. Kartik says I m doing my work. Manish says my problem is you are bearing burden, you have crore business and doing work for small yrkkh facebook 2016.

Kartik says this is my work, commitment is commitment. Manish says father is father, like you have run in worry for that girl, I m worried for you, I was sitting here and worried.

Kartik says I m not kid, and stop pretending. Manish says your worry is worry, and not mine. Kartik argues. Kartik takes files and goes. Dadi and Suwarna see Manish. Suwarna says sorry, but we should give time to them. Dadi says I did not ask opinion, just explain Manish. Dadi says Kartik will be divided yrkkh facebook 2016 two halves. Manish says Naira does not deserve to become my bahu. Kartik hears them.

Swabhimaan yrkkh facebook 2016 December Written Episode Update. The kaira moment at the start was just awesome. Also their date in the park was cute. I love how both of them have simplicity in them. They love tapri walking chai??? Hope this Manish track ends soon. He is not even understanding his own son. I saw a video where karthiks said takes Shaun for naira and she refuses as her Maa passed away recently and she needs to be with her family. Later karthiks fights with Manish and said and takes naira side.

Android ndk windows xp is just so understanding. Love kaira and yrkkh forever?? Hii twana,aniket,sachudi,sophiedi,rahul bhaya,and. Hiiiii evryone!!!! Kaira moments r sweet!! Really enjoyed them!!???

Karthik n uska papa ka rift is getting bigger…?

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