Kg uv9d firmware

kg uv9d firmware

This package contains both the RSS and Frequency Limit software for the Wouxun KG-UV9D. Notes: Users have reported that this download is. KG-UV6D Special software for 6D units with F2 Serial number. Wouxun KG-UV9D Mars Software and Prog Software Zipped. Wouxun KG-UV9D Programming Software. Wouxun KG-UV9D Programming Software Version (46 votes). Wouxun KG-UV9D Programming Software.

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Log in with Facebook or. Remember Me. You have no items in your shopping cart. Sorry, your search produced no results. Make sure all words are spelled correctly. Try different keywords Try more general keywords. KG-UV3D includes the extended life mAh Li-ion battery pack, a redesigned heavy duty textured case and the latest firmware with new features. Wouxun's new inexpensive, compact, full featured dual band handheld amateur radio.

Read Full Description. Select Options. In Stock. Read All Reviews 40 Add your kg uv9d firmware. Receive Range. The KG-UV3D features a long operating time about 15 hoursthanks to the standard extended life mAh high capacity Li-ion battery pack.

Customizable 6-character power on display message: Identify your radio by callsign or name on power up. Last radio state will resume on power cycle: Continue to work in single band mode or B-band after powering up. LED flashlight now works independently of the radio status: Utilize the flashlight feature while receiving or transmitting.

FCC Kg uv9d firmware Transmission Limitations This amateur radio as sold by Powerwerx is limited to transmit within the Amateur Radio frequency ranges only. Kg uv9d firmware low cost cable SKU: WXUSB required. Radio to radio cloning with optional cable SKU: Related Products. Quick View. Battery Eliminator for Wouxun Radios. Wouxun 6 Unit Drop in Rapid Charger.

Customers who purchased this item also purchased. Customer Reviews. Don't let the name fool you, the radio is fantastic. By floydlenhart yahoo. Compact, portable, dual band, easy programing and great, affordable accessories. This radio packs a punch with it's full 5 watts output. It gets through where similar radios only dream of operating.

It's compact design is pleasing to the eye and the amp hour battery lasts a long time at 5 watts. Charging the battery in the included drop in quick charger gets you back on the air fast. I am impressed with the performance and ease of programing this radio.

I don't have to be a computer programmer to program my favorite frequencies and repeaters. The instructions are very easy to understand and I had my radio programmed in a matter of minutes. Once the Ham world gets a load of this radio they will be hard to keep in stock. Was this review helpful? This throw-away-radio is increadible. It works as well or better than any rice HT boxes from Japan. Easy to operate after you learn the Chinese way to programing. Use any port above 2.

The software is poorly documented but it works with Windows XP. Operational it's "A Plus". A great radio at a realistic price! Kg uv9d firmware Milton Garb. I've had this nice radio for just over a week now. I am very pleased with the radio, and the ease of programming with the downloadeable software. The dual memory display is bright, large and easy to read.

I very much reccommend this quality radio and the very easy folks to deal with at PowerWerz. Very good unit By Don. Have had kg-uv3d for 15 months, first one I got was bad, no audio, returned it and received another one within 10 days, has worked perfectly now for over a year, very hard to program manually and manual isn't worth a darn, however with the downloaded program and cable kg uv9d firmware is a snap to set up.

Good kg uv9d firmware and good sales outlet, would recommend this unit. Great first radio By Dulcie. This is my very first radio and I couldn't be happier with it. While I initially programmed it with the software I downloaded from this site, but I've since misplaced the cable.

But even as a rank amateur, I've been able to program this radio manually for both repeater and simplex use. I am a member of a volunteer emergency response group and several other members have this radio as well as many others. This little model holds its own alongside much more expensive radios. I'm on a very tight budget and the affordable accessories are a big plus. There's always a 'wish list' but all I really needed was a slightly kg uv9d firmware antenna. I've used it on several training exercises idi mallela velayani mp3 public service events and it kg uv9d firmware just great.

I have to say this HT is business intelligence center sharepoint 2010 great.

I have other various HT's from Yaesu and Icom and this one is super competitive. It gives you 2db on 2M and a really nice 5db kg uv9d firmware 70cm at a nice price. The improvement was crazy, hit so many more far repeaters with the antenna. The built in flashlight and digital fm is a bonus when out on a walk or bike riding. I was very suprised and impressed, I love this radio. I've had the radio for about three months and after getting some of the local repeaters programmed into it, it works better than I thought it would.

I've had good reports when using it both as a handheld and a mobile. Programming was a little tricky for me, but after I figured it out, it was easy.

Great Radios By Elliott. I've had my Wouxuns for a week now. It's a great little radio. I'm able to hit repeaters within miles on 2 meters with the rubber kg uv9d firmware antenna. I bought two radios and for a test I configured them for 70cm kg uv9d firmware.

Then I drove about 4 miles away with hills, valleys, trees, houses, etc in the way and was able to maintain contact the entire way.

I didn't check maximum range as I ran out of road, but these are plenty good enough for me. I've got a slim jim antenna in my "go" pack so that I can get some good distance in an emergency.

I am going to mount an Ed Fong j pole on my roof soon and I expect to get some really good range. These are durable as well. I was sure it was going to be busted. But it was just fine, I've been using it for a couple of days and as far as I can tell it still works perfectly. Get the programming cable as it makes adding channels so much easier. It can be done through the menus and it's not that difficult, but much easier through the software.

Make sure you get the right version with the freqs that you want. I am very happy with these radios, highly recommend them. By James. I have had 2 Radio Shack handhelds, 3 Yaesu handhelds, and helped other hams program their handhelds of many other brands.

I was able to learn hot to program with only a little trouble. When you figure out the platform it's easy. Kg uv9d firmware run time is much longer than my VX5 lithium ion battery.

I am so impressed with this I intend to buy one for myself and get the mics. The only people I know that don't like them never tried them.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled kg uv9d firmware your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I love this radio, i use it for work and it does exactly what i expect,i rotate it with my UV8D every other day as to not wear it out prematurely. Just 2 small issues but they are issues non the less,but it wont stop me from enjoying this great radio. I use this radio for an amateur band and for my work also, this way I don't have to carry two radios.

This radio have a bunch of kg uv9d firmware that others don't have, including cross-band kg uv9d firmware, Mhz reception and Air kg uv9d firmware reception that I use here in my area to monitor communications between tower and planes. I was so happy to read the specs on the 9D. It seemed like just what I wanted.

And a low price. I got one, the AM Air band reception was non-existent. That's a lot of why I wanted this model. I exchanged it for another. Squelch opened but no audio. Back it went. I wish the radio had worked. Two in a row did not. They did all they could to help but the radio was not up to the specs and I sent the second one back, too. Wouxun has a winner here! BUT it's not quite perfect. I purchased this radio during the pre-sale, and was very satisfied with it. Let me preface this by saying I use this radio to rag chew every morning well I've also used it hiking and for public service events.

Now the bad. Screen doesn't turn all the way off. Yep, I'm weird like that. I can't do that with the 9D and it does impact the battery.

When I want to see what's happening on the screen, I usually just hit the "EXIT" button and don't bother with taking up a programmable button on the side for backlight. No extra or extended batteries available but I understand that extra standard batteries will be available soon or a nice leather case.

Last ding, no crossband repeat. It's a nice feature on the 8D that I really like, and sort of miss it on the 9D. Lastly, even though it has MHz coverage, it still doesn't receive the 1. OHHHH so close Now the good things. Change channel settings "on the fly". Yep this is a big one.

Cycling power or channels doesn't revert back to the old settings. Solid Audio. Both transmit and receive. When Wouxun started shipping the UV8D's with the 1. Ringtone suara auman harimau microphone in the 9D is sensitive but not overly so and the speaker is nice and loud for us hard of hearing folks.

Solid signal. Transmit and receive are pretty good, and I love the ability to have true dual receive. So when I said that the improvements I would have liked to have seen in the 8D are now in the 9D? Medium power. This is by far the best improvement in my opinion. I love having a 2 Watt setting. Wide Band Receive. Even receives AM for those that like listening to air traffic.

Visual Programming indicator. When writing or reading to the radio from the computer, the radio has visual indicators to tell you it's "talking" to the computer. Would have been a nice feature on the 8D, but it's in the 9D. Size matters. The 9D is a little slimmer and longer than the 8D. This make the radio a little more comfy in the hand.

Programmable FM stations. Sometimes it's nice to have an FM radio available to listen to music or news. Having the ability to pre-program those channels is a God-send.

Kg uv9d firmware can even program these channels through the front pannel. Easy "talkaround" function. One button press and hold, and you're now talking around the repeater. Very nice feature. Backlight level control. Yep, another battery saving feature. Now you can dim that large beautiful screen to fit your environment. Auto Power Off. Set the time, and if you leave the radio on by mistake your battery won't totally drain. Various lock options. You can set the lock to engage on the keypad, keypad kg uv9d firmware rotary knob, keypad and PTT, or all three at the same time.

Good Tactile side buttons. No need to actually "look" at the radio to make sure I'm pushing the right button. All the buttons on the side have a distinct tactile feel to them. And lastly, easy to use front panel buttons. The keypad on this radio is a little larger and the buttons are a little desire to press than the 8D.

Overall, the size, weight, and layout of kg uv9d firmware radio is SPOT on. Overall after using this radio for a month, it's a clear winner. Kg uv9d firmware just kg uv9d firmware "perfect" yet. Would I recommend this radio to a fellow ham? In fact, I already have. Just a little side note. The smaller antenna that is available with this radio is on par with the original UV5R antenna. In fact, I kg uv9d firmware a stubby Nagoya is actually just as effecctive as the shorty that comes with this radio.

Again, a great little radio. Get all the latest information on events, sales and offers. Sign up for our newsletter today! Compare 0 You have no kg uv9d firmware to compare.

Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. This multi-modulation two way radio combines dual band transmission, 7 band reception and multiple feature options for multi-functional operation you kg uv9d firmware get with a kg uv9d firmware dual band handheld radio!

Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. It has true dual reception, so you can receive kg uv9d firmware signals on the same or different bands simultaneously.

You can even transmit on one band while you receive on the other at the same time! But its multi-function operation doesn't end there.

Priority scan, channel group scan, these are just a given. Want a scan feature that's really exciting? Now, that's multi-functional! Of course, we can't forget the multi-display. Of course, there is still plenty of room to display all the information needed to operate a multi-function radio on both bands at the same time.

Now the display is also adjustable, with magisto pro levels kg uv9d firmware brightness. Customize the settings for your viewing comfort while conserving battery power as needed. Speaking of control, check out Lock Mode.

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Bilanz vorlage I can not get this radio to transmit on the specified freqs it says it can transmit on. The Plus version has a slightly different case, along with new firmware that allows the radio to be used as a cross-band repeater. Why not establish your own Web site, and write whatever you kg uv9d firmware to? Going with 5 kHz tuning steps on the uplink VFO has made it easier to get through the transponder, rather than having the ability to tune that in the smaller 2. Hold the TDR button for two seconds repeatedly to toggle through the modes and options. At present the only programming software for the UV9D is provided by Wouxun, however it is readily available from the manufacturer or from us if the radio was purchased from Buy Two Kg uv9d firmware Radios. Hi Ed, we need more information.
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Sis 315 ubuntu Assign the frequency to a channel. Contact Information. I first worked an AO pass on Saturday 5 November evening from my driveway. True full-duplex is, indeed, missing in kg uv9d firmware TH-D There are three ways to enter the frequency shift. Other than the TDR button and the numbering of the menu options, everything else is the same.
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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This entry was posted kg uv9d firmware August 22, by Rick.

Such a powerful transceiver requires a bit of programming to utilize its options, and for the first time user, it can be intimidating. Looks can be deceiving, because it isn't as difficult as it seems. It's not that difficult at all, once you kg uv9d firmware how it's done. When connected to an XLT Painless Programming Cablethe process is even easier, since the programming cable itself is so quick kg uv9d firmware easy to install.

At present the only programming software for the UV9D is provided by Wouxun, however it is readily available from the manufacturer or from us if the radio was purchased from Buy Two Way Radios. In fact, the steps are almost exactly the same, with two exceptions.

Second, the menu item numbers are different. Other than the TDR button and the numbering of the menu options, everything else is the same. Step 5. Assign the frequency to a channel. Choose another channel. If the channel number is redthe channel is available. Input the repeater frequency offset. Enter the Transmit Frequency Shift. There are three ways to enter the frequency shift. To add more channels, repeat the steps above.

If these instructions are followed correctly step-by-step, you should be able to program all memory channels in your Wouxun KG-UV9D. This entry was posted in Wouxun on August 22, by Rick.

I have tried with a software programmer and manually. When I push to transmit, I get paralamas do sucesso ela disse adeus yahoo red "frq over" What am I doing wrong? The Wouxun KG-UV9D may be open to the entire supported frequency range for receive only and may be locked down to the amateur frequencies for transmit. This lock down may be due to the recent FCC enforcement advisory against the import, sale and use of these radios in the US.

I can not get this radio to transmit on the specified freqs it says it can transmit on. I must be over looking something, Please help. I know its something simple that im overlooking. Thanks Steve. I can not set the airband frequencies.

I don't see it listed anywhere in the manual! Use the TDR button. Within channel mode are three options, display channel number, display channel frequency and display channel name. Hold the TDR button for two seconds repeatedly to toggle through the modes and options.

The last option is Channel Name Display. Hi, How do you get the display to show kg uv9d firmware name instead of Ch number Thanks Jerry. The frequnecy of the motorola starts at Can you help me please? Hi Ed, we need more information. Does the PC detect the programming cable? Is it listed in the Device Manager?

Is there a COM port number assigned kg uv9d firmware it? If so, what is the number? I have not been able to program the radio with the software. The port is the problem. Help please. I have the UV9. Get all the latest information on events, sales and offers. Sign up for our kg uv9d firmware today! Compare 0 You have no items to compare. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart.

Step 2. Step 3. Enter the frequency. Use the keypad to enter the frequency into the radio. Step 4. Like the simplex channels, the radio should be in Frequency VFO Mode to program all settings to the channel. Step 7. Bruno Pujol November 11, at 5: Rick November 12, at 4: Robert June 19, at 9: N4JPQ February 20, at Joaquim Pereira October 26, at 5: Rick April 24, at 5: Dave Pind April 23, at 5: Jerry Grandstaff March 23, at 9: Adrian December 27, at Rui Jesus December 15, kg uv9d firmware 4: Rick September 19, at Ed W3hxj September 13, at Leave a comment Please wait Related Products.

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