Grinding wheel specification pdf

grinding wheel specification pdf

CUTTING OFF & GRINDING WHEELS. TECHNICAL INFORMATION. SHAPE SPECIFICATION SYSTEM. BF BF BF BF DEPRESSED CENTRE. In the revised standard, speed of abrasive wheels have been changed. the selection and use of grinding wheels, but it may not always be possible or. PFERD offers premium-quality grinding and cut-off wheels. Years of practical . Selection: Surface grinding, reinforced grinding wheels – Page 8. Selection. Various sizes and shapes of electroplated wheels. The manufactured abrasives most commonly used in grinding wheels are aluminum oxide, silicon carbide.

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DA - The combination of A and WA is ideal for precision grinding operations such as large surface grinding. There are two main categories of grain: Maximum safe operating speed Wheel dimensions Diameter Aluminium Oxide, for grinding high-tensile steels, i. Silicon Carbide, for grinding low-tensile steels, cast iron, carbides, and non-ferrous metals.

Excellent for form holding and cool cut. It can be used to grind both soft and hard steels. WA - White Aluminium Oxide: Suitable for light grinding of steels grinding wheel specification pdf all kinds, particularly tool steel. Provides exceptionally cool, fast cutting action. Requires minimum dressing.

For creep-feed grinding with continuous dressing. Excellent grinding wheel specification pdf creep-feed grinding with non-continuous dressing. Designed to perform light, fast passes over the blade or other workpiece. WAL - Special wheel designed for creepfeed grinding. Contains a unique combination of special grain and bond which enables improved form holding and longer life span. The wheel is characterized by interconnected pores, which enable maximum cooling action and stock removal.

Especially suitable for use on high-alloy steels that are sensitive to heat. C - Black Silicon Carbide: Grinding wheel specification pdf - Green Silcon Carbide: KA - Bubble Alumina: By varying the type of bond, and the structure of the wheel, it is possible to produce innumerable grinding characteristics.

Grain size "MESH" size is determined by the number of openings per linear inch in the smallest standard mesh through which the given grain will pass and larger grains will not. Thus a fine grain will be designated by a larger number than a coarse grain. Grade Hardness The grade of a wheel is designated by a letter of the alphabet from A soft to Z hard and indicates the ability of the bond to hold the abrasive grains together.

Grinding wheel specification pdf type and amount of bond used determine the hardness of the wheel. In a soft grade wheel, grains that have been worn down are released quickly in order to expose E Thickness around bore Depth of second recess Diameter of flat outer surface Diameter of flat inner surface Length of segment or abrasive wheel Depth of release on one side O Depth of release on other side Thickness general Second angle of profiles Standard Profiles.

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A grinding wheel, also known as an abrasive wheel, is a wheel made of abrasive particles bound together by various substances, such as rubber, shellac or silicate. They are used by a variety of industries but, if not used safely, have the potential to cause serious injury. One of the first control measures to adhere to is ensuring that you understand the marking system for grinding wheels. For example, ISO Type 52 is a spindle-mounted wheel. The size of the grinding wheel is marked as dimensions in mm.

For example, x 3 x The specification of the grinding wheel is marked as a series of letters and numbers. For example, WA 60 K 7 V. This represents the type of abrasive material, the grit size, the grade, the structure and the bond type. A general guide to specification marking can be seen in the table here:. The range of material markings, grit sizes, grades, structures and bonds depends on the product and the manufacturer, but the table above gives a general outline of common markings seen on abrasive wheels.

The maximum operating speed is marked on every large grinding wheel above 80mm in diameter in two ways:. For smaller grinding wheels below 80mm in diameterthe maximum operating speed is provided on a separate notice which must be stored alongside the wheel.

For high speeds, colour-coded stripes are also marked across the centre of the wheel. The colours are:. The restrictions for use are marked on the grinding wheel using a code and, in some cases, a corresponding graphic.

The grinding wheel specification pdf used to show restrictions are as follows:. All operators should have a strong awareness of the hazards associated with grinding wheels, as well as how to correctly grinding wheel specification pdf and handle them, inspect them for damage and follow appropriate control measures.

Subscribe for the latest Hub updates! Tell us what you're interested in hearing about:. Skip to content. Abrasive Wheel Markings All abrasive wheels are marked with: Maximum operating speed. Restrictions for use. Other, non-safety related information. A general guide to specification marking can be seen in the table here: The maximum grinding wheel specification pdf speed is marked on every large grinding wheel above 80mm in diameter in two ways: The peripheral surface speed, given grinding wheel specification pdf metres per second.

The rotational speed, given in revolutions per minute. For example, rpm. The colours are: The markings used to show restrictions are as follows: Restriction Code Meaning RE1 Not permitted for hand-held and manually guided grinding RE2 Not permitted for hand-held cutting-off machines RE3 Not suitable for wet grinding RE4 Only permitted for totally enclosed working area RE6 Not permitted for face grinding Non-safety related markings found on grinding wheels are: The test shoot the girl first give and take number, indicating it meets grinding wheel specification pdf standards for safety.

A traceable code number, indicating the source and manufacturing details of the wheel. A grinding wheel specification pdf arrow, indicating the heaviest point of the wheel. The arrow should point downwards when the wheel is mounted. Further Resources: Which Do I Need? Abrasive Wheels Training. Site Safety. Tell us what you're interested in hearing about: Food Hygiene. Like This Article? Post Author Louise Petty. Louise has been writing for the Hub since its creation and has produced articles on a wide range of topics.

Louise prefers not to specialise in one particular area, so has written about everything from asbestos and COSHH, through to food safety, safeguarding issues and business skills.

Coarse 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 etc. Dense 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Open.

grinding wheel specification pdf

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