Fx 5500 driver win98

fx 5500 driver win98

I'm trying to download a driver for a GeForce FX for win98 (yeah windows 98 , its a long story), but it seems the link on nvidia drivers. BTW, I purchased the video card with the PC from Dell just a couple of weeks ago . Thanks. Carlos. Windows 98/ME Station-Drivers send news that they've obtained a new set of Forceware DeviceDesc="NVIDIA GeForce FX Ultra". I have a Radeon Pro and GeForce FX that I'd like to benchmark in Win Out of habit, I grabbed the latest drivers for each (Catalyst.

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It should work with Manual installation is not the right way to install these drivers, unless you know what you are doing. But on Nvidia web site I saw that was suitable for my card, so I tried to install it. However, thank you for your reply, I think Nvidia should take care better of the drivers description. So most likely error on nvidia's driver download support list page.

Actually quite fx 5500 driver win98 of the cards on the quadro fx list is not really supported by I already installed the legacy driver and it works.

Now that you mentioned fx 5500 driver win98, quadro fx card is on supported fx 5500 driver win98 on So basically you have to use advanced driver search and use the newest drive ignoring driver version, or go to devtalk forums drivers page and check that appendix A from newest driver readme.

Please Login Register to add a comment. Not a member? Register Now. Join Login. Quadro FX driver Reply. On Nvidia web site I'm seeing that this card is supported by Now I'm confused, what's the correct driver?

Quadro fx is workstation version of gtx pre dx10 timeit's have bellas lullaby twilight mp3 in legacy for a while. You must log in to send a PM. New Private Message To: White Gray Green Orange. Send Message. Add Reply. Receive email notifications when someone replies to this topic. Add Poll.

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Dirt 3 s: Fx 5500 driver win98

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Fx 5500 driver win98 I'd nvidia geforce fx s drive for Windows 7. All is Corrupted!! Yamama on October 4, Thanks God and who made this site. I have windows 7 3ghz 1gb ram and Inno3d geforce fx But I fear that this card is a bad hardware.
fx 5500 driver win98

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