Drum and bass s soundcloud er

drum and bass s soundcloud er

Dez. Drum & Bass ist nicht nur ein Genre, es ist eine Kultur die von unzählig vielen Dingen beeinflusst wird. Er kollaborierte mit Künstlern wie Foreign Beggars oder Peven Everett. Play on SoundCloud Listen in browser. DJFK/SHG is a drum'n'bass dj and producer from Germany. For bookings email: Stream Tracks and Playlists from DJFK-SHG on your desktop or mobile device. Stream "It's Summer" ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix by HORTON from desktop or your mobile Follow HORTON and others on SoundCloud. D.L. link here! itouchblog.de er%itouchblog.de3?dl=0. DIGITAL - DNB PIONEERS - CIRCA FEAT.. BUKEM, DOC. likes on Facebook and followers on Soundcloud. it's time to start a label and a Merchandise SoundCloud, Drum and Bass, and Start A: "Oh wow!. Let It Roll (LIR) is hosts a number of DNB events around the world (WarmUp, On Tour) and 2 main festivals in the Czech Republic. The winter and summer open.

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Eines dieser Entwicklungen ist, das Tempo zu reduzieren in dem die Geschwindigkeit halbiert wird. Alix Perez: I started when I moved to England from France at the age of 13, my mom used to play Jungle and stuff. I started collecting records, tried to put them together and I got more and more into it.

After a while I wanted to reproduce, remake them. So you basically started by producing Jungle? Well, I always tried to do some other stuff as well, producing in genres like Hip Hop. To be honest, I just write the music like it feels natural to me. I want to do something that challenges me and is different in the way of producing it. Do you think you got recognized by people because of your deep soulful stuff?

That opens a lot of doors for me. Why not variate that one too? I still love that tempo and so many things can be done with it and that was my point with the last album. Yeah, how electronic-music at that tempo could be.

And then I think people expect that from me. And I feel like I am in a place where I really want to be. There are a lot of interesting things going on where people start pushing the boundaries, which is good. Beside the popular things that are going on, you still have people putting out deep records and weird records and there is a scene for it.

I still think there is a space and a scene for every sort of genre. And how does that inspire you for future things you are going to do? I am keeping myself moving and going to work with people I am interested in. You can be successful and have a big audience without having to set out and make commercial music. There is a big market for descent electronic music and that is kind of my aim. There is a couple of remixes coming out drum and bass s soundcloud er year that are like oldschool vibes.

But at the moment I am concentrating on where I am going with my sounds. So, my last question would be: Who is influencing you? There is a few people like MachinedrumI really drum and bass s soundcloud er liked what he does, what he was doing in the earlier years. I followed him years ago as he started… Quite cool is Eprom and there is more, tons of stuff, there are million things. How was that for you, doing the Essential Mix? Well, obviously it was amazing! This is one bhojpuri chaita mp3 2013 the biggest things to be asked to do.

I was only given about a week and it was hard but I am proud of it. Thank you for the interview! No problem. Und eh ihr eure Suchmaschine des Vertrauens einschaltet, bastel ich das Ding einfach hier rein.

Alix Perez im Netz: Dezember Aber so richtig neu ist das nicht, es war eigentlich schon immer da. Was ich aus eigener Erfahrung anders sehe, ist die angenommene Geschwindigkeitshalbierung zb. Deutlich wird mir das auch, wenn ich mich dazu bewege. Nehm ich aber die viertel- oder achtelbetonte hihat als Bewegungsgrundlage kommts eben auch mal vor, dass ich mich zu half- wie twostep genau gleich bewege ohne die Geschwindigkeit dabei zu halbieren.

Die Perspektive ist hier in der Wahrnehmung drum and bass s soundcloud er. Dass das nichts Neues ist und alix perez halfstep nicht erfunden hat, da sind wir uns denk ich mal schnell drum and bass s soundcloud er. Mit Start Again feat. Auch nicht zu vergessen Jubei feat. Jubei war zuvor auch nicht als Halftime-Enthuisiast bekannt und trotzdem outet auch er sich zu recht in diesem Bereich. Dezember Dubbalot 4 Kommentare. Booga Sieben8 Mai Diese Website benutzt Cookies.

drum and bass s soundcloud er

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