Blind date 1987 youtube

blind date 1987 youtube

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Blind Date 1987 Comedy - Romance

Listings do not reflect proper order by month or day: Not on this page? See history tree below. Featured on this page loosely in order of first recording if not record release as possible.

Terry's Songs. Born in in Louisville, Kentucky, blues guitarist Sylvester Weaver's [ 123 ] first recordings were probably with I tether ipa site Martin inthought on Halloween that year on the 24th: Weaver became the daddy of blues guitar due largely to his partnership with Martin. Others with whom he recorded were violinist, E. Louis, MO, in Among Weaver's own compositions were: See compositional credits at Australian Charts as well.

As a popular guitarist for the few years that he recorded, Weaver retired from the music industry in to live in obscurity in Louisville, Blind date 1987 youtube, until his death on April 4, Disco w various credits at Discogs.

He is credited with the composition of all titles below. Guitar Blues. Bottle Neck Blues. Can't Be Trusted Blues. Guitar Rag. Jackson recorded a total of 66 sides, largely for Paramount, to as late as when he is thought to have retired to Chicago until his relatively early death on May 7, His most famous composition was 'Shake That Thing', also in Though that song technically referred to dance it emerged about the same time as what's called hokum blues, that is, bawdy blues featuring slippery innuendos.

Jackson discography at American Music. Discographies with compositional notes at australianchartskeeponliving and redhotjazz. Airy Man Blues. Lawdy Lawdy Blues. All I Want Is a Spoonful. Drop That Sack. Hot Papa Blues. Take Me Back Blues. The Judge Cliff Davis Blues.

Blind date 1987 youtube Hot Jazz. Lonnie Johnson Source: Red Hot Jazz Born in New Orleans inguitarist and violinistLonnie Johnson [ 1234 ], blind date 1987 youtube recorded in as the prize of winning a blues contest. Johnson plays violin on 'Ball and Chain Blues' below. Johnson's early career during the Depression years included gigs with such as Bessie Smithand pianists James Johnson and Roosevelt Sykesamong others, as well as a solid recording career with Bluebird Records.

After World War II Johnson transitioned toward rhythm and blues, toured England inthen experienced tough times during which he had to take janitorial jobs between club gigs. In Johnson was hit by a car while walking down a sidewalk in Toronto, hastening his death the next year on June 16, Found on nearly recordings, DAHR lists his discography from its beginning in to per vocals and instrumentals.

Partial discographies with compositional credits at chickenchokers and honkingduck. See also australianchartskeeponliving and redhotjazz. Johnson on 78 rpm. Johnson at 45Cat. Johnson composed all titles below except otherwise noted. Ball and Chain Blues. Fallin' Rain Blues. Five O'Clock Blues. Broken Levee Blues. Long Black Train. New Fallin' Rain Blues. She's Only a Woman. The Devil's Woman. Happy New Year Darling. Composer unknown. Me And My Crazy Self. Seven Long Days. Jessie Mae Robinson.

Swingin' the Blues. Born inguitarist Blind Blake Arthur Blake [ 1234 ] produced 80 tracks for Paramount Records between and Blake is recognized to this day as a masterful guitar player, picking in particular, as exampled on blind date 1987 youtube as 'Diddie Wah Diddie' and 'Police Dog Blues' in Blake featured in the traveling Vaudeville show, 'Happy Go Lucky', in and ' He recorded his final tracks in for Paramount. Unfortunately Blake died young of tuberculosis on December 1,only 38 years old.

Most titles below were composed by Blake. Discographies with compositional notes at australian charts and keeponliving. Blake on 78 rpm. At Discogs. Early Morning Blues. West Coast Blues. Back Biting Bee Blues. Leola Wilson. Bessie Smith. Blake's Worried Blues. Down the Country. Skeedle Loo Doo Blues. Stonewall Street Blues. Tampa Bound.

Too Tight. Hard Road Blues. He's In the Jailhouse Now. Wabash Rag. Diddie Wah Diddie. Georgia Bound. Police Dog Blues. Stingaree Man Blues. Chocolate Brown Irene Scruggs. Some Scream High Yellow. When the Saints Come Marching Home. You Can't Keep No Blind date 1987 youtube. Michael Messer. Howell had started life as a farm blind date 1987 youtube, until he was shot in the right leg during a fight and it had to be amputated.

No longer able to work in the fields, he turned to music, migrating to Atlanta, Georgia, to mp3 for blackberry z10 on the streets.

That, of course, couldn't pay the rent, so he started blind date 1987 youtube bootleg liquor. For which he went to prison. Upon release he started performing on street corners again. Which, uniquely, resulted in a recording contract with Columbia Records in Howell had written 'New Prison Blues', below, while incarcerated.

Unfortunately, Howell's recording career couldn't pay the rent either. So he started bootlegging again while performing on the streets. He didn't end up in jail this time, but would lose his left leg of diabetes, consigning him to a wheelchair and ineluctable poverty.

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