Archeage online deutsch

archeage online deutsch

ArcheAge is an MMORPG developed by Korean developer Jake Song (former developer of . a physics engine. ArcheAge uses player collision, unlike many other MMO's, thus player movement can be blocked by other players or NPC's. English, Deutsch, Français English Deutsch Français in a massive cooperative online shooter like no other. Choose from an array of View · ArcheAge. Reviews. “With ArcheAge, the freedom of how to play is what sets it apart from other online games both free to play and subscription based.” /10 – Gaming. Set off for adventure in the acclaimed fantasy sandbox MMORPG from Trion Worlds and XLGAMES. Official ArcheAge game Forums. Gatehouse Last Post. The entrance to the official ArcheAge forums. . Deutsche Diskussionen.

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Arche Age - Mein Fischerboot - [deutsch]

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Archeage online deutsch to the community! Introduce yourself here, meet new people, archeage online deutsch ask all of your burning zjazdy alpejskie google to be answered by the vets! Starters Guide; Learning Discuss the fascinating, ever-changing gameplay in ArcheAge with the rest of the community. Looking for a new build, or to improve your current archeage online deutsch setup? Ask questions, compare builds, and get tips here.

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With the headstart and the release of ArcheAge, a lot of people are trying to prepare the best possible start for them. Calculations and tests are being done over the past weeks in alpha and beta and finally people are getting their strategies down to an executable way. While a lot of people did not archeage online deutsch the chance, or archeage online deutsch not have the Know-How, to create this kind of strategies for themselves, we decided to share our information with you so everybody could start into ArcheAge.

This guide will focus on the basics of race and class selection and on the basic routine to level your character to Archeage online deutsch guide will also cover the basics of cartel de santa burreros mp3xd making, as a basic of the crafting system, and the trade runs. In the last part, we will give you some general information combined with a look to the future and the stuff that will happen after you have reached the max level of the current version of ArcheAge.

There are four six in the future races in ArcheAge you can choose from on your character creation. Two or maybe three races per starting faction.

While the races differ not only in appearance but in special racial abilities, the most important factor is the starting faction. Everybody on the opposing starting faction is your enemy but there are two exclusions to this. The first exclusion is the possibility to join the pirate faction where characters of both races can play together while both are pirates.

So if you want to play together with a friend, you may want to choose the same starting faction. While all races does have different racial abilities, the impact of them is really low. For the people who pick races because of their racial abilities, here are some recommendations on what race you should pick for your playstyle. Elves Endurance Training — Trained for combat from the day they can walk, Elves possess increased physical ability.

This stamina allows them to hold their breath underwater for an extra 20 seconds. This buff also applies to the Halycona War! Recommended racial picks for the Eastern Continent Since ArcheAge features a lot of air to ground combat, you will use the landscape and gliders very often in PvP situations. The Harani, on the other hand, are the only race that do archeage online deutsch have a direct combat enhancing ability. But as they have a general increased logging and gathering speed, they make the perfect character for players that will focus on farming and trading.

Have you ever thought that there must be archeage online deutsch easier way to make gold in ArcheAge? Do you wonder how other players amassed such a fortune? If the answer is yes, this gold-making guide can help you out. Download our free ArcheAge Gold Guide and you'll soon be able to make twice the gold in half the time.

Get a head-start over everyone else with the insider tips and tricks found exclusively in this guide. Did we mention it's free? And available right now. What are you waiting for? Class Tarraxa aqui firefox. As we would be able to create a complete encyclopedia about the classes of ArcheAge, this part should just push you in the right direction.

One important thing you should never forget about is that you can level all ten class trees archeage online deutsch switch between them on your character. Because of this system, your archeage online deutsch class does not have to be your endgame class and a lot of builds are just focused on setting up your endgame.

Before we start with more in-depth information about the class building itself, we want to give you a overview of the 10 available trees in ArcheAge. Tree Overview As your class is only a set of your three chosen trees, there will be classes available in ArcheAge. We are not able to cover every class in this, but we will cover basic information about each tree and the basic possibilities.

Please note archeage online deutsch we look at each tree for itself and only basic combination. It is likely that there will be uncommon combination to fit in special archeage online deutsch or thinking outside the box. Most active and passive skills are based around high physical damage output. Battlerage is the first choice for every melee fighting class, as the damage archeage online deutsch comes from your weapons stats. Any weapon except for staff and scepter are good to go.

As you can reset the cooldowns of your Battlerage, active skills with a parry tanks can pretty easy hold aggro with a good damage output. Basic combination for Battlerage are Auramancy and Defense. We could also recommend Archery due to the good synergy. It is viable to combine Battlerage and Vitalism if you are using a club or a two-handed club, as you could gain both important stats with these weapons.

With a high mobility and the ability to stealth, you can combine Shadowplay with every other tree. While the melee damage from active Shadowplay skills is lower than the Battlerage damage output, you can increase your overall damage for Archers.

The mobility and anti-crowd control options could be used in various situations. We do not recommend Shadowplay for dedicated healers, in general, but archeage online deutsch mentioned above, every combination can do a special job the best. Nearly all active Archery skills can be used while walking.

It is the first pick for every bow-lover and combines very well with Shadowplay. As you need Agility to increase your ranged damage output, your melee damage will lack its direct impact. As a full leather set increases your attack range even farther, it is your first choice of armor. However, there are some builds that focus around plate archeage online deutsch. Both active and passive skills are based around helping your group to stay alive. The direct damage output of Vitalism is very low and we do not recommend to take Vitalism as your primary damage source.

As a lolot bes barese healer will use supporting trees instead of damage trees, we recommend to split leveling of a dedicated healer class into two parts e.

As clubs and two-handed clubs are the only weapons that provide healing power, these are must-haves for healing characters. Without these weapons, even with a high spirit value, your heals will be bad.

Sorcery combines very well with Witchcraft and Occultism. Sorcery is often used in pre-dedicated healer builds, as sorcery allows a smooth switch to these builds at level cap. However, Sorcery lacks anti-crowd control skills. You may want to add a tree like Auramancy that will provide some of these. However, compared to the damage output of Sorcery, Occultism falls behind. On the other hand, Occultism will add a lot of crowd control and survivability. Overpowered Spell Locus, for example, will increase your damage while you are tanking damage.

The basic attack of Occultism is one of the few casting attacks that can be used while moving. It combines well with Witchcraft and Heterosis in rice pdf. It focuses around crowd control and survivability. Witchcraft can be used in offensive and defensive builds. Besides the crowd control, anti-crowd control and survivability abilities, Defense will increase your aggro management as a tank.

We will recommend using a shield while playing with Defense to increase its value. In combination with some crowd control, anti-crowd control and small heals, these tree offers the perfect basement for any dedicated support build.

However, as the main supporting skills of Songcraft are channeling abilities, we do not recommed using Songcraft for its buffing potential as a dedicated healer.

You can also use Songcraft to increase your own burst potential. I like to note that archeage online deutsch can use your ballads while riding your mount! Recommended beginner classes As all trees are useful on themselves archeage online deutsch there is a situation for every combination, some trees however combine and blend together better than others.

Also, some combination will increase your capabilities in terms of solo activities after hitting level Because of this, we want to introduce two combination that work really well together and giving yourself some advantages after reaching the current level cap.

As this combination is also allowing the highest error rate by yourself and we can recommend this combination to every beginner who wants to get in touch with ArcheAge without much frustration. With this high damage combination and sustain, you are able to level really fast on your own.

More in-depth class and gear information Even with the impact to your gameplay by the choosing of your class, you will still have more important choices to make. These choices will also have huge impact on your playstyle and your possibilies, your Armor and your Weapons. Archeage online deutsch information should guide you through your leveling.

Every Armor type will give a passive bonus on reaching four pieces and seven pieces of the same armor type. These passives will have a huge impact on your gameplay. Recommended Armor choices for beginners Plate Armor, in archeage online deutsch, is a great choice for nearly every class, as most enemies you will face on your archeage online deutsch to level 50 archeage online deutsch deal physical damage. With the best archeage online deutsch damage absorb, you will sometimes cry when adding multiple magic damage enemies.

Overall, we recommend plate Armor pull me down ryan hemsworth remix mikky ekko every dedicated melee character before reaching level Leather Armor, on the other hand, is a great choice for archers as you get a huge range damage and range increase with a full leather set.

We also recommend leather Armor to Archery Hybrids using melee as well. Cloth Armor is the first choice for healers and a good choice for damage casters. But even if you are a damage caster, you may want archeage online deutsch choose plate Armor before you have reached level After reaching max level, you want to go cloth Armor as damage caster for the maximum possible damage! Gearing up — Weapons. Like the choice of armor, the choice of your weapon will have a huge impact on your gameplay. As the weapons theorycrafting is not easy to understand, we want to give you a basic idea on that.

Every weapon is dealing a fixed damage type, e. In addition to the type of damage from your weapons, every weapon has archeage online deutsch passive ability, e.

Archeage online deutsch ArcheAge, your melee skills damage is based on the average damage archeage online deutsch your weapon.

archeage online deutsch

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