The vampire diaries 4x02 cz

the vampire diaries 4x02 cz

The Vampire Diaries 4x07 Damon looks at Elena, Klaus comes for Caroline. ივნისი 22 . The Vampire Diaries 4x02 Promo/Preview The Vampire Diaries Vampire The Vampire Diaries 4xx09 Klaroline scenes (cz subtitles). მარტი 6. duben ČESKY - Stačí otevřít a budeš v obraze. /the-vampire-diaries-s04e 4x03 "The Rager". srpen Tento blog je o TVD a TO a hercích které v těchto seriálích TVD 6. série .. Rozloučení tyto nádherné animace Tině. Její bloček: The Vampire Diaries/ animace 4x02 Memorial. 1. november at - DVDRIP_html;

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the vampire diaries 4x02 cz

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Henry Wattles was a character who first appeared in the twentieth episode of the first season of The Vampire Diaries. Henry fought for the confederate state during the Civil War alongside Damon Salvatore.

Henry was one of the vampires imprisoned in the vampire's tomb in He had escaped in after Bonnie and Grams opened it. Instead, they found Henry. John was Henry's only friend, and he helped Henry adapt to the modern world, which was still new to him.

He was fascinated by cars, computers, and Match. He was helping John by keeping tabs on the other vampires the vampire diaries 4x02 cz the tomb. When The vampire diaries 4x02 cz called him, Damon took his phone, which made Henry the vampire diaries 4x02 cz.

When Katherine tried to dismiss him, he said it was urgent. When Katherine told him they have nothing to worry about, Henry told her that the victims were torn apart in ways he never saw before, Katherine understood it was actually werewolves who were behind the murders. In Nostalgia's a BitchDamon fabricates a subconscious illusion in which he lived and died as a human and, present day, Henry functions as a desk clerk of the Salvatore Boarding House.

In his manifestation, he encounters Caroline and Bonnie and tells them that Damon has been dead since the Civil War. He was a calm and friendly vampire who didn't seem to hold a grudge against the Council for imprisoning him and the other vampires in the tomb.

He was also curious about the new technology that he stout ngmf adobe being introduced to. He was honorable and held his end of the bargain as he kept tabs on the tomb vampires for John. He had a tall stature and an athletic build. He wore dark clothing when he was released from the tomb.

He had dark brown eyes and short, messy brown hair. Henry possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a non-original vampire. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Can you imagine? How grand. I cannot wait to see my girl Olive.

She's a real peach. You have a sweetheart, Damon? Contents [ show ]. Add an image. Julie blogs about Hell Is Other People episode. Past Main Characters: Retrieved from " https: Two weeks at home? The Vampire Diaries Characters. Main Characters. Recurring Characters.

Deceased Characters. Guest Characters. The Originals. Main Vampires. Deceased Vampires.

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