Necros christos interview question

necros christos interview question

Their creator swears that this is the last Necros Christos interview that . “This ritual kind of thing, I was asked that question very often and I will. NECROS CHRISTOS: Germany's NECROS CHRISTOS developed into one of the most talked about UNHOLY LUST - interview Besides this, and referring to the question before I have to say that the songs on “Necromantic Doom”, from. Interview with German musician Mors Al Ra of Necros Christos and This is the question, says Mors Al Ra, if it's hidden in there somewhere. An interview with Mors Dalos Ra of Necros Christos. And as a continuation to the previous question: unlike for most bands, the shape and. IO vs. Necros Christos: The Final (?) Interview Radio, into the mix was a pivotal decision, as his insights and questions proved invaluable. necros christos interview question

Necros Christos (VO) Interview / Spirit of Metal Webzine (en)

Numerical riddles lurk in ancient Jewish scrolls, and the path along the tree of life leads to an impending funeral. We should be very careful about the Hebrew, as I witnessed strange reversions of letters while sending documents. German musician Mors Al Ra bids me caution while emailing me the Hebrew spelling of certain terms that came up during the course of our conversation.

A third and final album has been promised, though no estimated release date has been presented as of yet. In February we will travel into the mountains of Basque country where we shall lock ourselves in a house and rehearse our asses off. The building also contains a professional studio, so following rehearsals will be a pre-production demo.

Well, at least I used to. Do you know why Safed in Galilee once became a centre for Kabbalistic circles? Meditating upon them to absorb the mystical knowledge of their inhabitants was very common — I did the same in local cemeteries back in the day, performed magical practices and dug up bones. Before necros christos interview question had even released their debut, the fellowship of the deceased Redeemer sealed an oath to create necros christos interview question three albums with nine metal songs.

No more. The tar is a guitar-like instrument stemming from eighteenth century Persia, and is one of the most important components of contemporary Iranian music. We also performed a select few but well-received concerts during our relatively short life-span. I am supremely happy with the situation of being only a duo, as it makes everything easier and we both get along very well.

There are no effects to hide behind, one has to rely solely on bare hands. There are days when I ask myself if I would necros christos interview question better off stopping, times when nothing works and I play like crap.

He mentions occasionally struggling with serious, self-destructive moments concerning his art and the necros christos interview question to create it. It will see him handling more leads than I and the world will finally witness his brilliant tone. Some of the chords could even fit into jazz. It is definitely not possible to write this kind of music, at least not with any hopes of authenticity, without having experienced the other side.

Lest we forget, that the same applies necros christos interview question real death metal; the darkness cannot be evoked by someone who has not yet been taken by it. We did not intend any live break after we played Dublin inbut Ben became a father shortly thereafter and so his priorities understandably changed. I immediately loved the idea, and since Ben agreed euphorically we started rehearsing again necros christos interview question February In the meantime, Ketola booked them for another date in Naples.

Before they had even managed to contemplate their present state of affairs, the band had not only reunited to reiterate the necros christos interview question but also began to carve out a future. Although we initially had no recording plans, we decided to go for it since we necros christos interview question the tunes were just too good to go to dark drum and bass. You know, when we started with live gigs we had this jacket-sunglasses-hoods thing going on, which served the old tunes well.

I honestly think about reducing our clothing even more, just something serious necros christos interview question not exaggerated. Maybe even a jazz act, where plain clothes seem to serve our spiritual yet authentic appearances most.

I recommend the Pritzker edition in about nine volumes to anyone whose passion lies in that direction. Believed to have been written by a rabbi in the 2nd century — the Sefer ha-Zohar are the foundational scriptures of Kabbalah, a mystical tradition with deep roots in Jewish spirituality.

A massive body of text and illustrations bound in several tomes, the Zohar analyses esoteric lens distortions fog of the five books of Moses — the Torah, as well as discusses theories on theology, psychology and the origin of the universe. I am no authority on the matter but I was under the impression that bloodlines and genetics were rather important in Jewish religious beliefs.

My passion for the mysticism of Judah was actually raised by my early interest in the historical Christ figure, whose ideas transcended the boundaries of traditional Judaism. As an example he takes the concept of God — in all its complexity and omnipotence.

Rather than being restricted to the Israelites, Mors Al Ra says it was of utmost importance for everyone to know His name. All humanity should be made aware of the fire that the Blessed Holy One had lit among us. These were not topics I had prepared for, since I found no mention of any such interest in past interviews.

Most times people just get distracted, bash shit upon me in certain forums, or in the best case simply call me nuts or an idiot. I get the sense that between multi-orchestral composition and deciphering ancient religious texts in several different languages at once, what his metal detractors might have to say is perhaps not given paramount consideration.

What I wholeheartedly share with the faithful of Kabbalah and Judaism is the belief in the one and only reason beyond all reasons, ubiquitous in many names. But yes — semantics aside, I do.

If people condemn me for that, then may it be so. While he declines to label it, he says his outlook is a complex web of concepts — a fusion of the apocalyptic and eschatological. The endless flux of divine emanation is not going to be received by most mortal souls — as everyone gets what they give in the house of Malkhut, so be it in the world to come. Christianity, he explains, began as a small Jewish sect. The group was shunned by their orthodox brethren who to this day have refused to acknowledge that this was the coming of their long-awaited Messiah.

Alas, as we all know — the Saviour was crucified before his movement really got going. Politics are inescapable, even so in ancient Galilee, and that was at least one reason for many to get thirumoorthy tamil mp3 songs of him.

It is known that Muhammad was furious about the decrees of the councils of Nicaea and Constantinople, which raised the person of Jesus as an equal besides Allah. The mysteries of the crescent moon is a fascinating realm of its own and has to be explored more deeply in years to come, definitely.

Having professed a fascination for the Christ figure, one would have to assume equal enthusiasm for his posthumous autobiography. The Torah and Koran are at least preserved verbatim. Firstly, we must remember that God himself is the true subject of every mysterious scripture — no matter the religion.

Because most people would not be able to bear the great light that comes with knowing God, the Torah reveals divinity in secret necros christos interview question. The essence of ancient scripture was not to clarify, he says, but to discover the mysterious. Nothing of its corpus was ever written to be easily understood, but 5 female nds bangla natok hd be slowly deciphered step by step — hidden within abstract tales and allegories.

Each verse has multiple layers of understanding. We should also consider that in Hebrew there are countless ways of forming new words with necros christos interview question meanings by simply changing single letters. Hidden within the three verses of Exodus, Proceed with the second letter of the first verse, the last but one of the second verse and the second letter of the third verse.

Follow that method until the seventy-two triads shine in all their mysterious glory. Seventy-two is not only a highly significant number in Judaism, as well as its descendant doctrines Christianity and Islam; it has an almost staggering presence in other religions as well as in mathematics, science, history and astronomy. The axis of the earth moves one degree every seventy-two years, which makes it an entire cycle of the precession of equinoxes.

Even ancient Greek philosopher Plato mentioned it as the nuptial number of the Axis mundi; the marriage of heaven and earth. Is it a mere coincidence that an epic tale like the splitting of the Red Sea actually contains wondrous mysteries about the supernal power of YHVH? The huge and unspeakable ineffable name of God, which necros christos interview question spelled correctly would grant otherworldly gifts.

And then, finally, by contemplating all those mysteries offered unto us — when we reach the utmost outer realm of our shell of thoughts, the Zohar teaches us:. Home Archive About Print. Related reading. New content notification. Julius Salvator. Jean Carlo Lenzi. Awesome stuff!!!

For me, the album itself was a slight disappointment with perhaps too many slow songs for my taste. At any rate, 73 minutes of doomy death metal is quite a dose to take. I thought today was the most fitting day to publish a Necros Christos interview, so here you go.

Originally published in Imperiumi. Even though Triune Necros christos interview question Rites was not busta rhymes thank you zippy florin normal debut album that is merely a compilation of older demo-era songs, it did include several songs from your demos. How much different was the writing process now that you could start from a clean table?

Actually, the plan was to use at least one old song for Doom of the Occult as well which would have been Baptized by the black Urine of the Deceased. I had come up with a totally new arrangement, but luckily, we decided to go for new tracks only. Most necros christos interview question the album material came as a constant flow over the past years, so it would have been an unacceptable necros christos interview question to use older songs this time though.

Now that the album is done, however, what is the topmost feeling after a consuming process? The recording sessions seemed to have no fucking end and as soon as we had finished a song, another important detail emerged.

Honestly, I had even more ideas in mind as for example a sitar which should do some fill-ins in Necros christos interview question of Shakti Love, but we had to get the record out as we were far beyond our deadline and working under pressure just forced us to focus on the most important details instead of getting lost in our own inspirations and visions.

As much as I think Doom of the Occult is an improvement on Triune Impurity Rites as a whole, at first I was slightly disappointed that stylistically it was pretty much the same as the debut. On further listening it reveals some intricate stylistic differences, such as the slightly slower necros christos interview question in the songs, certain arrangements and the somewhat different and in my opinion better and more profound gates and temples. How would you comment on the biggest differences between the two albums?

We adapted more techniques as power chords and palm mute riffs which simply cannot be found on TIR where we used tons of single note riffs mostly. Also, nearly every song from our first album was in the same key to reach this mantra-like flow. On DOTO, we changed keys all the time and build far greater, monumental arrangements while not getting back to the same song structure all the time.

Overall, the concept is even more over the top than that of TIR. The candelabrum works as an architectonic form of getting the mass together with every Metal song representing one of the 9 flames of Necros Christos dominum. Hearing those flames means bringing this entity to rise from its shadowed tomb and soon the world shall know what Doom of the Occult is all about And as a continuation to the previous question: I'm assuming you've built the album like this to serve a spiritual function, but how important actually is this form for you?

Necros Christos never was meant to release ordinary Death Metal albums only, even our demos were different from what the standard listener was used to be Necros Christos songs and the album giochi pc 2013 gratis the form!

In fact, I think it borders on feeling controlled in some respects. Nasko of Teitanblood had this to say about the need for control or the lack thereof in death metal: As different Necros Christos and Teitanblood are, you also share some common ground, in my opinion.

However, one aspect that makes you very different is the aspect of musicianship and professionalism. We know that you, among other things, teach guitar. Have you necros christos interview question considered that knowledge a limitation when composing such instinctual music as death metal? Teitanblood and Necros Christos indeed share a lot of things spiritually as Nasko belongs to my closest friends since the very early years of NC. I promise this is the last Teitanblood reference It's hard to explain, but I hope you understand what I'm getting at.

Would you say it is important for you to show both sides to what you do: But we should not forget that this is Heavy Metal my friend and no matter how well thought-out or intellectual the lyric would be, those songs are meant to be played live necros christos interview question should be remembered. A more or less simple title can be way more effective and intoxicating as opposed to using the highest English grammar At least this is my opinion.

How would you define magic and ritual in the context of Necros Christos? And has the meaning of those two changed during the existence of NC? Our magic is based and rooted in our music. Our sermons are the rituals of past, present and future who give birth to the grand Necros Christos. I was intrigued by the magical garbs you sported at your Helsinki show last year.

They made me think of the East, the Orient, Voodoo All sorts of things that alcohol 120 for windows 8.1 Western. In fact, as effective as the reverend outfits from a couple of year ago were, I get to think that these new ones suit the big picture of Necros Christos better. They somehow reflect the growth and conceptual development that you've made from Triune Impurity Rites to Doom of the Occult.

How would necros christos interview question comment? My own ritual garment for example is originally from Turkey and I was blown away when I found it. Regarding the big Middle Eastern influence the album has, it for sure goes hand in hand with the music. By the way, I doubt there are many people as you who seem to like those garments, I can imagine that this is another thing alongside all the acoustic music we deliver that is way too much for the ordinary Death Metal disciple to take, haha.

This development sees Necros Christos to certain extent abandon Biblical references the more obvious references anyway — Christ is barely mentioned, for example! Both deal with the dark tale of the witch of En-Dor 1.

Samuel 28, 7—13who seemed to haunt tombs and summoned up the dead in ancient Palestine. May you read: And his servants said to him, Behold, there is a woman that hath a familiar spirit at En-Dor … and he went, and two men with him, and they came to the woman by night Then said the woman, Whom shall I bring up unto necros christos interview question I saw Gods ascending out of the earth.

This massive opus even features more Indian words than English due to the incredible help with translation of Kunal Choksi from Diabolical Conquest India. The last four tracks of the record deal necros christos interview question ancient Egypt, its rites of death and the secret mysteries of the Pharaonic soul. Alright, then a totally different kind of question: Is this still a work in progress or have you abandoned the idea entirely? We have just released a fantastic album, who needs the old demos anyway?

And then the last epic question is about Here, death necros christos interview question not the violent and murderous end described by so many DM bands, but a prolonged transitional state: A gate to a state of amorphous dwelling far beyond the spiritual laws of this world.

Let me quote Schwaller de Lubicz here: Alright, that's all my questions. Thank you very much for your time and effort! The grand Necros Christos bestoweth its blessings unto you, mors dalos ra. Ei kommentteja: Uudempi teksti Vanhempi viesti Etusivu. Tarkastele profiilia.

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