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Fly circuits over the rolling green hills of Brazil in mellow thermals, then party the night away in lively Latino bars End your season surfing the southern edge of the Italian Dolomites and eating pizza and drinking Grappa in the historic old town All the web addresses, emails and numbers you need to organise your trip. Application to mail at periodicals publication rates paid at Emigsville, PA.

PA Cross Country International is distributed in over 75 countries worldwide. Global copyright laws apply. The opinions in this magazine do not necessarily reflect the opinions griffin flight log 001 firefox Cross Country. Your bank balance is overflowing, your new wing is winking seductively at you from the corner of the room and the family are all up for a round-the-world adventure.

Now what? All you need to do now is choose your destinations and off you go. Blue skies. The extensive roll call of those who dedicated their time to produce the information and photos includes: Marcus King Advertising: Verity Sowden Proof Readers: Teddy Edwards.

Peter Wolf. Insert Bag image: Just above the town is the. Griffin flight log 001 firefox city lies at 3, m and is one of the major tourist destinations in South America. Travellers flock to Cusco as it is the launch point for treks to Machu Picchu, so the city is brilliantly set up for visiting pilots to holiday in. There is a fantastic selection of bars, restaurants and nightclubs to keep you griffin flight log 001 firefox through the evening and early hours and a wealth of interesting museums and ruins to occupy you through the day.

Be aware that Cusco is high, so take it easy the first few days as you acclimatise to the altitude. The main launch is a half griffin flight log 001 firefox drive from town at 3, m ASL and m over the Urubamba valley floor below, which leads towards Machu Picchu.

Close by, Rachi launch is further away but offers a beautiful grassy hillside looking into the same valley. Base is often at over 6, m so if you are susceptible to altitude take oxygen. If not, drink copious amounts of mata de coca like the locals do.

Overdevelopment will cause excessive winds. Evening restitution often occurs after ham kanye west jay-z mp3 s pm. Olivier Laugero. Start in the Sacred Valley, cross over the altiplano of the high mountains griffin flight log 001 firefox end up over the Sacsayhuaman ruins and the city of Cusco. Land next to the White Christ statue near the ruins.

Follow the Sacred Valley east to Pisac. A beautiful flight over high grassy peaks with the option of good landings in the valley should you have a problem.

Be careful of switching valley winds near Pisac, as four valleys meet there. WATCH OUT FOR Although the Peruvian approach to airspace is very relaxed due to the very small number of free flyers in the country, there is still airspace to the south and south west and over Cusco city itself, plus airlines sometimes approach from the west. When flying into Cusco, enter over the mountain range between the lake at Chincheros and Cusco to be on the safe side.

Dust devils can start as early as 9 am and pilots should be wary of encountering extreme lift and its associated turbulence during the day. Richard is in Cusco from May until Oct. You need your own judgement here. Or beat yourself sore on a Peruvian bus with vyapari hot song and goats. Many agencies offer tours around the Inca ruins or go rafting, horse riding or trekking.

Kari Eisenhut crossing the high plateau behind launch enroute to victory at the Cusco Breitling Open. Bob Drury. Sailplane country: Steve Blenkinsop. Booming thermals and lofty cloudbases cartwheel you high above knife edge ridges, vertical limestone walls and deepforested valleys in a circuit-friendly arena that is perfect for XC pilots of all levels. Laragne has hosted everything from FAI world championships to the friendly and popular annual Chabre Open, when pilots compete to learn.

With the landing field in the town campsite itself, Laragne mixes consistently brilliant flying weather and stunning XC routes in a great atmosphere to deliver perfect flying holiday. On any good day the cloudbase is high above the peaks allowing relatively secure flying over a wild landscape.

In general the valleys are open and wide making for safe landings and explaining why the hang gliding and sailplane communities have held Laragne in such high esteem for many sem titulo paint. A shuttle service runs at times from there, but check first.

Laragne is a small town in the western side of the southern France Alps. Dry and arid in summer, the terrain is a mixture of pine forests, sharp limestone ridges and wide valleys. Take off is from Montagne de Chabre to the west of the town, a partly metalled road takes you to the summit.

From Chabre routes lead in almost every direction: Chabre is affected by the influence of air drawn in from the plains to the west by the anabatic circulation of the day, so you need to get away before the westerly arrives in the afternoon. Chabre has take-offs facing south and north: Nearby the sites of Bergies, Buc and Aspres make up for days when Chabre fails you due to wind direction or cloudbase height. The drop zone in Gap is also very active and must be avoided and you need to know where the active sailplane airfields are in the area.

In the event, though, Sisteron with its stunning citadel has much to offer or visit the local markets that Griffin flight log 001 firefox is so famous for.

All the trigger points work as expected, so you learn a lot from flying there. Plus you land smack in the campsite where the cold beer awaits. Or straight north and hook up with the big Grenoble valley and ride it north to Mt Blanc km away. Nimes airport is just over two hours drive, Grenoble and Nice both three hours.

Many of the budget airlines fly to them. A car is useful at Laragne, not least to access take off. Aerial rope parks, excellent rock climbing, tandem skydiving, karting, horse riding, nature trekking and tonnes of water based sports on the lakes make up a great holiday location. Not to mention visits to culturally beautiful towns like nearby Sisteron. Andy Busslinger. Ice-capped mountains, glaciers, searing rock walls, pumping thermals with fast cable car access: Chamonix is the adventure sports capital of Europe.

Situated at the foot of Mt Blanc the town is humming with skiers and boarders in winter and climbers and flyers in summer. Griffin flight log 001 firefox also attracts more tourists than any other mountain location in France. The town is totally set up for holidaymakers making it a fantastic family destination. The only drawback is the price of it all: Plan Praz is on the southeast-facing side of the valley and opposite the huge rockwalls and glaciers of Mt Blanc.

The site starts working as early as 10 am on a good day and is reached by the Brevent cable car from Chamonix town. Plan Praz is a perfect launch point for XCs going into the massive Wallis valley in Switzerland, or westwards towards Annecy. Griffin flight log 001 firefox site faces northwest and becomes soarable after around 3 pm. Flying from here gives you access to the impressive rockwalls of the Midi, the Blatiere, the Grepon and the stunning granite pillar of the Dru.

Flying on this side of the valley is banned during July and August due to the number of helicopters buzzing around. Just griffin flight log 001 firefox the valley is Plaine Joux, a driveable launch that generally offers mellower conditions than in the valley itself.

It works from midday until late and is i sognatori streaming nowvideo perfect family site with cafes, horse riding and a treetop rope adventure park. Cable car to Les Grands Montets from Argentiere. All launches are suitable for HG and there are good landings griffin flight log 001 firefox both the Chamonix sites and Plaine Joux.

Soaring the huge Petit Dru rock pillar in evening lift. Turbulent valley winds in the afternoon. Annecy and back: The Rhone Rider: Not much for toddlers though. Check chemist window in the square, town hall or sports centre. Otherwise visit chamonix-meteo. See directory for listings. Buses and trains run in and out of the valley to Geneva, Lyon, Paris and even London. Or via the Col de Montets from Martigny in western Switzerland, often closed griffin flight log 001 firefox winter.

They hop on, leaving you to struggle and sweat. Then things changed and we got bigger harnesses, more padding, heavier gliders and extra electronics. Our bags swelled to around the 25 kg mark. Then, early this century, a slow revolution started. Lighter gliders made of lighter materials aimed at mountain pilots and travellers started to appear.

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