Frankfurt major og vs mineski

frankfurt major og vs mineski

[The Frankfurt Major]( ##Organized by. Champions, OG. 1st runner-up, Team Secret. 2nd runner-up, Evil Geniuses. ← The International · Shanghai Major →. The Frankfurt Major, also known as the Fall Major, was a Dota 2 tournament which took place Mineski (Southeast Asia); Malaysia Fnatic (Southeast Asia). 1Invictus Gaming was replaced by Newbee. Match %dMineski GGNetwork vs OG result and VODs on The Frankfurt Major Dota 2. Playoff / Lower Bracket, Round 2. The Frankfurt Major (or "Fall Major") is the first event of Valve's Dota Major itouchblog.de5 1(monkey) Business became OG on October 31, 2 Invictus. OG(OG) vs Mineski(Mineski) in The Bucharest Major, see the past The Frankfurt Major Mineski. pieliedie; Febby; NaNa/Moon; JT-. Minibanner Dota 2 Major Fall png The Frankfurt Major is the first seasonal Valve-sponsored .. November Mineski, 0. OG, 2.

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OG vs Mineski Highlights Dota 2 Frankfurt Major 2015 Lower bracket Game 2

Contra 4 game jarte

More Live Streams. More Upcoming. Liquipedia Tournament Info. More Events. Full Standings. Games to Watch. Patch Thread Archive. The lip movements when frankfurt major og vs mineski mutter "put a tank in a mall" is very similar to the lip movements when you mutter "putang ina mo" which is of course the majority of the SEA Dota community has probably heard already. It is typically done by Filipinos who are not allowed to swear but would want to swear ie kids.

It actually used to be "put a little more" which makes more sense than "put a tank in a mall" frankfurt major og vs mineski meh. Scrimming with VG probably taught them Timbersaw was a fucking bad counter pick against Huskar, with how frequently frankfurt major og vs mineski runs that hero. I'm sure that Timbersaw counter pick played into Mineski's hands.

Timbersaw is quite good vs huskar in general. He has tons of pure dmg burst. Shinobi sega game for pc problems for him come when he's laned against the huskar, like what happened today vs [A].

Huskar effortlessly zones him completely out of the lane and timber needs farm to be effective. He was just money starved and useless the whole game. I'd be curious what would happen if someone tried playing huskar vs EG and they ran timber safelane frankfurt major og vs mineski they did yesterday.

Alliance drafts are retarded They pick drow versus slardar and timber versus huskar but they completely abandon the timber in the offlane 1 v 3. Timber is good versus huskar but you need a position 1 or 2 timbersaw. I honestly think timbersaw is a shit offlaner, he can only work if u have a support in lane. Timbersaw is a fucking carry that deals pure damage, he should be played mid. That hero is a monster 6 slotted, you can't just dump him 1 v 3 thinking he's a darkseer.

Either you frankfurt major og vs mineski it passively or at the very least you try to bait out the tomb-disengage then try to fight. Hell, one of the main strenghts of running tri vs tri with solo lane furion is that you can easily turn the fights into 4v3s. If they had waited bit longer before throwing that lane, they could have tried some furion plays. I think they lost the draft either way, but I think the trilane losing so badly is main reason the game was lost so hard.

I can guarantee you that is true Every time I go back to europe for a few months, games feel so easy I normally climb to 5. That's because in SEA you are playing 1v9. So when you return to EU, your burden has been lifted. I'm in EU as well I play in SEA with my cousins there, and game is easy if you play with 5 stack and hell if you lack the full stack. He was probably referring to the matches played by Mineski before the frankfurt major groupstage.

So far Mineski is the only team from the qualifiers that has managed to get into the upper bracket, the Filipino pride Rave never managed to be. I don't agree. They were using the ph flag for crying out loud. Maybe not Filipino for you but most certainly PH to most. Yep, I wanted to bring this up with a thread. For real, I was mainly focused on the second stream rather frankfurt major og vs mineski the main stream when I was watching today. Listening to ODPixel and Purge cast was really a treat.

Just fucking insane, sometimes even feels like blind passion towards this game, and now finally at least, something is going on. Being supported by a TV network, getting new sponsorships and getting recognized by our country's sports commission seems to have a real positive impact on the players. Happy for Mineski, Happy for the cancerous PEENOISE I embrace the stereotypes this community has tagged unto us, its all true anyways and happy for what this is going to do for the e-sports scene in our country.

So we have Secret next, I don't really care. Just seeing Mineski go up against Team Secret during the playoffs of a Major tournament is going to bring a smile to my face. Puso - "Heart" Direct translation doesn't make sense, so just think of it as just "Believe". Laban means "little rascal" in Danish. I thought it was frankfurt major og vs mineski fitting regardless, because these cheeky fuckers just stole my heart!

Actually ban of laban is pronounced more like ban and not bun. Anyway, laban! The word ban is pronounced as a long a, like the word can. Yeah, only the last one is actually from a Tagalog speaker. I tried to link directly to the last one it but the weird versions can still show up at the top depending on your resolution probably due to the short length of the page.

La in the word mandala but la can be a bit harder, softer or slower depending on your chant. It's because we are using sounds of english words to compare with tagalog words. Anyway, my last attempt was on my previous comment. Ban is still closer than bun tho. I'm done. Yeah that is a true mineski supporter flair Kappa. I am a Filipino, I support mineski, however, I am rooting for [A]. No haterino please fellow Filipinos: Congrats for ing [A] Well fucking played!

D I hope they give SEA what it still does not have. The aegis of champions. No man no flamerino, I was just Kappa-ing. What I meant is you said true blue Mineski supporter. BTW, what did you mean with "true blue"? For example EG, blue color, so bleed blue. DLSU, green, so Green. Just saying Mineski did a great job is already enough, no need to get too cheesy.

It just makes it silly to say that games boy pokemon platinum it makes you look like bandwagoners to be frank.

It's like those common "I'm a fan of Spurs, but I'm a supporter of Heat" kind of thing going on here around nba finals in the phils. If you're gonna be a supporter, don't be half-assed doing it. Fucking retarded pinoys saying I'm a true mineski support wearing Alliance flairs. Get real kids. True, its fun to see mineski play against our favorite overseas team.

Hoping to see EG vs Mski at finals. I don't know about the Filipino commentary, mineskiTV stream was having trouble with their Dota client. I really wanted to watch it with the pinoy stream but had to give up on it, they were streaming second-hand streaming the game by watching a livestream on twitch.

They were streaming from the Philippines. I guess the latency of a europe hosted game is too much? Or is that not how watching dota TV works? Yeah, I really tried to stomach their stream as much as I could but I wanted to watch the game and see the plays properly, I had to switch over. I don't know what happened to their set-up, they can quite decently cast other tournaments before, even overseas tournaments.

Dunno what happened this frankfurt major og vs mineski. Everyone who doubted Mineski going into this major has to eat their words with a large helping frankfurt major og vs mineski balut. I think he's pointing out that when Alliance lost to Mineski, it was because Alliance is a garbage team.

Frankfurt major og vs mineski forget that CDEC lost one game and almost lost another against them. Yes, WP Mineski exactly my point. It's just a really stupid way to view it. I honestly hope Secret loses for some random Envy reason, just so Mski can get further, then Secret to take the whole tourney from LB.

Never heard of them till today when they're dumpstering top teams with insane early aggression. It's like the Navi of old. I might frankfurt major og vs mineski to get around them. Alliance seems to be very weak against non-euro team recently, could phpgroupware video er that they don't have enough games against them.

I don't know, this group looks pretty fucking stacked when you think about it. Everyone thought Mineski was a joke team after Nanyang but they looked scary in all their matches. The teams might not be the best ones in the tournament but they are all very capable.

frankfurt major og vs mineski

The Frankfurt Major is the first seasonal Valve-sponsored tournament or " Major " to take place, and the only one to be held in Unlike previous Valve-sponsored tournaments, the Frankfurt Major did not increase its base prizepool via crowfunding, but has like its predecessors a dedicated Compendium that includes previous features such as level rewards, coins and charms; as well as seagate firmware jc45 google mechanics such as item crafting and upgradable ability frankfurt major og vs mineski.

Evil Geniuseswinners of The Internationalwas the only champion to be directly invited to the event. The Frankfurt Major featured an Open Qualifiers phase similar to the one held for The Internationalwhich took place during the first week of October and was organized by FaceIt and Perfect World. Sign In. From Dota 2 Wiki. Jump to: Frankfurt Major Germany Start Date: Link Access.

Frankfurt Major Shanghai Major Manila Major Boston Major Kiev Major Retrieved from " https: Tournaments Tournaments. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

Views View Edit History. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Dota 2 content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Valve or its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Frankfurt major og vs mineski, Inc. About Dota 2 Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Open to all teams. Single elimination. Two winners from each region advance to regional qualifiers.

Americas, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. Each region consists of two round robin groups of five teams. Top two teams from each group will advance to a double elimination bracket. The winner and runner-up of each region will be invited to the main event. Round robin, best of three. Top 2 teams from each group advance to Main Event upper bracket. Bottom 2 teams from each group advance to Main Event lower bracket. Lower bracket round one frankfurt major og vs mineski are best of one, other matches are best of three.

Grand finals are best of five. Regional Qualifiers Americas: Cloud9Unknown. NewbeeNewbee Europe: OGAlliance Southeast Asia: MineskiFnatic. Open Qualifiers Americas: Evil Geniuses. Vici Gaming. Vega Squadron. Team Secret. CDEC Gaming. Final Prize Pool: A1 1st. A2 2nd. A3 3rd. A4 4th. A5 5th. A6 6th. A7 7th. A8 8th. A9 9th. B0 10th. B1 11th. B2 12th. B3 13th. B4 14th. B5 15th. B6 16th. The International.

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