2000 hip hop hits

2000 hip hop hits

Throwback to every single hip-hop and r&b hit from 's decade. Enjoy! Ultimate 's Hip-Hop & R&B Hits Playlist. Jake Stowell. Billboard Top R&B & Hip Hop Songs of the Decade ( to ) Be Without You by Mary J. Blige We Belong Together by Mariah Carey. See Billboard's rankings of this year's most popular songs, albums, and artists. These songs embody the spirit of the s. Like the theme music to a good movie, they underscore a unique decade in hip-hop. Ladies and. 2000 hip hop hits

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Abb bulgaria rakovski belovica Share Flipboard Email. No punching bags, either. The year of Chicago was Akon - Smack That ft. If it makes Bob Marley turn in his grave, don't do it. Jay flips the theme music from Eternal Sunshine into a gorgeous hip-hop gem.

These songs embody the spirit of the s. Like the theme music to a good movie, they underscore a unique decade in hip-hop.

To crown it all, a heavily pregnant M. Top that. Like your big brother giving you the "do good, live right" spiel before going away to college. But with a 2000 hip hop hits hanging behind him the whole time. This hilarious paean to booger sugar had all the girls and some fellas fiendin' for N.

D goodness. You couldn't go anywhere in without hearing Barrington Levy's voice, followed by Shyne's gritty flow. Dude was practically on top of the world until a lousy club shooting sent him to jail and deflated his career. Exile serves up the poignant production on this moment of uplift from 's The Waiting Room. Check Buck Marley's comical rhymes from Buck Marley: The s saw conscious rap crumble under the burden of sanctimonious sentiment.

Jemini avoids that criticism by sarcastically urging kids to do drugs on a song titled "Don't Do Drugs," while Danger Mouse keeps the beat bubbly. Erick holds his own, but Mr. Gaye puts on a hell of a performance from the other side. The reconciliation was just as historic as the battle. Rather than contrive a common ground, both men embraced their differences and left us with an event record. It was more than anyone had bargained for.

Much was made about the growing purchasing power of white hip-hop fans. Nelly, in his prime, was a force to be reckoned with in the danceable-rap department.

Louis native got more than he bargained for. It went on to become his first chart-topping single and inspired a remix craze that went on for years.

The glorious midtempo throb of "Rising Up" outshines everything on Rising Down. From the go-go drums to Chrisette Michelle's soulful chorus and Wale's flawless verse, this is what a hip-hop masterpiece sounds like. It's bouncy enough for the club and frenetic enough for the gym. The second half of the song reminds us of the many reasons Q-Tip has managed to remain a strong force. With a flip of the beat, a bubbly ananda sutram lagu song descends into a somber subway banger, as Tip recalls his days as a young MC.

A usually lighthearted Wale gets serious on "The Kramer," in which 2000 hip hop hits weighs in on the N-word debate. Second only to The Diary. Dwayne Carter dons his overalls and proceeds to stitch his ailing patients der letzt sommer skype after the other. Wayne devotes each verse to a specific element of hip-hop, doling out countless quotables along the way.

There's a certain magic to this song that Forcepad hp software don't want to ruin by trying to dissect the ingredients. Philly sweetheart Jill Scott is on board to sweeten this riveting piece. Bass-heavy breaks and quirky samples surround the green-aided exchange between Dilla and Lib on this standout from 's Champion Sound.

Portland's Lifesavas paint a solemn and sincere portrait of life as an underground rapper, highlighting some frustrations and funnies that artists and fans can easily identify. The song's lighthearted vibe is apropos given Oregon's high depression rates. On "Lights Please," the Roc Nation signee manages to cram an epistle's worth of social commentary into four minutes without wandering off into preachy territory.

Darkness permeates "Dance with the Devil" from start to finish, as Immortal Technique tells an elaborate tale of a man named Billy. Billy's hunger for social acceptance drove him to commit all sorts of atrocities. The song's hazed-out jazzy vibe, coupled with Tech's psychopathic recital, is incredibly chilling. This is an 2000 hip hop hits masterpiece from Game's brilliant debut, 's The Documentary. The year of Chicago was Not only did 2000 hip hop hits Windy City send three albums to 07's Top 10 ; it also introduced us to this cool duo.

If "Chemical Calisthenics" didn't help you ace your Chemistry class, you're doing it wrong. Where most rappers tend to approach their side gigs lightly, Tay attacked every beat on Connected as if his career depended on it. Devin is known for propagating the green gospel. Usually, when he does so, it's because he has trouble on his mind. When he's down and out, his doobie is all he has. But when you take away his refuge, it's like stealing a fat kid's lunch.

Luckily for us, some mean bastard took his doobie away and Devin lived to tell the beautiful tale of "Doobie Ashtray" possible. Cam'ron's recession rap anthem captures the frustrations that peppered the global economic turmoil. Imagine if Jay-Z teamed up with Nas and Rakim for a remix. A brother can dream, right? 2000 hip hop hits you partied 2000 hip hop hits the dawn of the century, you must have encountered this bouncy trifle at some point. Best 2000 hip hop hits all, it went down easy no matter what kind of dance you were doing in the club.

Rich Boy made a splash in with his ubiquitous hit single, "Throw Some D's," which spawned a kabillion remixes, including the one that ultimately set off Kanye West's campaign for Graduation. Snoop dropped this one in the hovering humidity of '04 and watched it sit on No. By now, everyone had learned one thing: Aside from Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, no other event garnered hip-hop support like the presidential election.

Nas and a bunch of others made something of a contest out of documenting the historic election. Just Blaze does his best Mathematics impression on this "Mighty Healthy" sequel. Perfect ring walkout jam. Merging conscious rhymes with old-school beats was the forte. And they held onto those values all the way to the end of the group's run in Spun by The Neptunes, "Southern Hospitality" grew to be a club requisite in the early s. That unmistakable bling tug filled the floor quicker than a money rain.

Brother Ali rails against the status quo. Sorta like Ron Paul without the political baggage. Cham's octane-flow approach windows vista recovery usb only rivaled by the fast-tongued Krayzie Bone here.

It's arguably the biggest hit to ever come out of Texas. It relies on a simple plot: Jadakiss hooked up with Havoc and Anthony Hamilton for a moment of reflection on a 2000 hip hop hits array of social issues. The Common-aided remix is equally fascinating. This giddy lyrical back-and-forth is a good enough reason to pick up eLZhi's The Preface. It's the very song that helped spur the Def Jux revolution.

A modern masterpiece. I would've liked to be a fly on the wall to see Duhamel's reaction when he first heard this gem of a song. Oh man, the good ol' days when Timbaland was cranking out club knockers every other Tuesday.

Jiggaman and UGK teamed up 2000 hip hop hits give us this sure-shot in the summer of And if you happened to be a UGK fan back then, you probably recall doing backflips as soon as you heard Bun go, "It's the big southern rappin' pimp Presario. Kid Cudi's trippy psych-jam became the go-to song for lonely stoners in the s. Little did we know, at the time, that Cudi planned to make a career out of stoner jams.

Well, it's heavy, compelling, a deeply moving jam that sucks you in until you're devoid of sunlight. A classic eulogy that nails the job it wasn't trying to do in the first place.

This ebullient jawn from his collaboration with Madlib captured the two in top form. Already a respected 2000 hip hop hits, Kanye West demonstrates his sonic range on "Flashing Lights. The ballad, which appears on Jackson 5's Moving Violationis also one of the group's most sampled tunes. A slightly faster, albeit equally melancholic, version of the song is the framework for Dilla's "Time: Donut of the Heart," off his critically-acclaimed album, Donuts.

David Banner serves up an orchestral sound-bed, while The King kicks street wisdom to young trappers in the struggle. You can play this at a retirement home and watch old souls get excited about a line dance.

Reflection Eternal's 2000 hip hop hits, Train of Thoughtwill go down as one of the best hip-hop albums of the s, thanks to timeless 2000 hip hop hits like "The Blast" and "Four Women. Jay Electronica is no ordinary rapper. And "Eternal Sunshine The Pledge " is no ordinary rap song.

Jay flips the theme music from Eternal Sunshine into a gorgeous hip-hop gem. Fastigium proventriculus quartus plumbed with acoustic guitar, though the production is lo-fi. No hip-hop song in recent memory captured so perfectly the sentiment of despair and the possibility of hope.

In the midst of his battle with Nas, Jay-Z needed a magical moment.

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