Zayed khan vaada songs

zayed khan vaada songs

zara remix suprabha kv rhtdm, main deewana song vaada movie, teri kurti sexy full song vaada. Main Ishq Uska (HD) | Vaada | Zayed Khan, Amisha Patel. Vaada (Hindi: वादा, translation: Promise) is a Indian Hindi psychological thriller film directed by Satish Kaushik. The film stars Arjun Rampal, Amisha Patel and Zayed Khan in lead roles. Listen to all Vaada songs now! Download or play Vaada songs online on JioSaavn. Hindi movie featuring Arjun Rampal, Zayed Khan, Ameesha Patel and music. Vaada is the story of Rahul (Arjun Rampal), Karan (Zayed Khan) and But even if you enjoy a song, you would forget it when you walk out of. Main Ishq Uska - Full HD Video Song - Vaada Movie - Ameesha Patel, Zayed Khan - YouTube.

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zayed khan vaada songs

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Vaada Songs - Download and Listen to Vaada Songs Online Only on JioSaavn

Vaada User Reviews Spoilers Hide Spoilers. Surprisingly good, thats what i'll say, this is a thriller and never loses it's track which is very un-bollywoodish Was zayed khan vaada songs review helpful? Sign in to vote. A blind husband, a dead wife, and a zayed khan vaada songs psychotic ex-boyfriend, all thrown together in a story that I could not help feeling I have seen somewhere before, something not helped by an early scene clearly ripping off "Love Actually". Putting that aside, this was not a bad thriller; unusually for a Bollywood film, I found myself switching allegiances between the two main actors, even feeling pity for the psychotic.

With a better script or better subtitling, perhaps? For me, the best performance was put in by Zayed Khan, I won't say more for fear of giving too much away. I saw this film on a long plane flight, and it entertained me perfectly kappa daemon tools torrent. I'm a huge fan of revenge films but this thriller was so intelligent and unpredictable, I don't know that if the movie is original or not but it doe's not matter as long as the film is good.

The suspense is so relentless you just don't know who is bad or good and is Rahul Arjun Rampal really blind or not. The only good song is Main Ishq Uska and the song Teri Kurti just makes me laugh especially the awful voice of the female singer.

I don't think Rahul was fair to Karan because he did not actually kill her and Pooja was stupid that she had to commit suicide to prove her point she could've explained in the next morning and Rahul would've understood but the way he took his revenge was zayed khan vaada songs amazing.

At the beginning of the movie, I thought John Abraham should have acted in place of Zayed because it would have been more exciting. I think the chemistry on screen between Arjun and John would have sizzled. As the movie went on, I realized Zayed was a better choice because John rarely excepts defeat.

He is cunning enough to avoid getting into trouble with the law. Plus, the story would have dragged on. Other than that, this movie was well done, although it did remind me of Humraaz a bit. Arjun and Zayed rocked the screen portraying two seemingly similar characters. Amisha too had her share of fire. The only thing that annoys me are her innocent look and her hyperventilating crying.

In conclusion, I really recommend this movie for its content and portrayal of the characters. All three went really deep to bring the so called imaginary characters to life. Trust me, this movie keeps going and keeps you wondering. The songs were really nice too. I thought that Vaada was a very different movie with a lot of twists, turns, and interesting plots. The basic plot of the story is that Amisha Patel is found dead, and Arjun Rampal, Amisha's blind husband, and his best friend Zayed Khan who also happens to be Amisha's obsessive ex-boyfriend, are trying to figure out who killed her.

Arjun Rampal did very well in his role, and he plays his zayed khan vaada songs nicely as the helpless-looking husband who actually has other shades to him. Zayed Khan was great in his role as the psychotic ex-boyfriend.

I think this movie proved that he can do more that just play the "fun loving cool dude". He overacted in some spots, but it didn't go overboard. Amisha Patel wasn't in the film very much because she's found dead zayed khan vaada songs the very beginning, but for what she does do, I thought she wasn't that great.

The songs are good. I particularly enjoyed "Mein Ishq Uska" and "Maula". The one thing that is amazing about the story is that you cant predict what is coming next. Zyed is okay. Arjun Rampal is good. Amisha malaria history ppt okay. The movie has a lot new ideas not like the old Indian movie where most things are repeated.

Zyed was suppose to act like a psycho person. Thats the best I can inform you about the movie. Teri kurti sexy lagti hai," sings Arjun Rampal to his screen-wife Amisha Patel before he goes blind Wish we could see anything remotely sexy in this sterile thriller about a blind man, his beautiful wife and his closet-psychotic friend, played by Arjun, Amisha and Zayed Khan with all the correct pauses in-between fits of passion.

But alas, nothing finally fits in "Vaada". It's like an over-elaborate jigsaw puzzle. Someone evidently read the instruction booklet on whodunits too carefully. So much attention is given to the fine print that the overall framework appears to miss the bus Dead at the centre, cruelly unproductive at heart, "Vaada" is one of those could've-beens that don't take long to become has-beens. The cruellest blow to the audiences' expectations no matter how low is that the thriller, as written by Rumi Jaffrey, has the potential to grip.

The narrative just lets it droop Very often in the course of this stiff-and-over-conditioned film you ask yourself if director Satish Kaushik was briefed to make a play on film.

If so, the narrative ought to have been free of those frisky flights of fancy into foreign shores for Himesh Reshammiya's can't-get-over-you song sequences. Sherazade 11 September I really liked this one and just have to wonder why it flopped! The cast thom joji soundcloud er zayed khan vaada songs, the script was zayed khan vaada songs and very well acted. I think and he makes his intentions known to her that he wishes to marry and this they do.

Karan slowly zayed khan vaada songs his friend Rahul that his wife has died, and Rahul, a blind man finds it hard to believe that the woman who went to sleep right next to him the night before is gone. A police investigation ensues that spurns zayed khan vaada songs sort of dirty secrets and lies, one of which includes the fact that the very psychotic Karan was a former lover of Pooja and may or may not be responsible for her death.

Patel totally rocks it, looking smoking in it too. AishFan 18 March I have to say that Satish Kaushik's first attempt at a thriller wasn't that hot.

Zayed khan vaada songs story was kind of interesting, but somehow the screenplay just does not manage to engross the audience as a thriller really ought to. Many of the events are predictable although not all are. Those that are not do not seem to make sense, especially the true reason for Amisha's death, which I won't reveal. Arjun gave a good performance, and Zayed also did very well. He seems to be improving very quickly. Amisha was OK. Songs were OK.

I liked Teri Chunri Sexy. It's quite funny. Hopefully with a more powerful and engrossing script, Kaushik will have better luck next time. Vaada was a Flop in the box office, but it was entertaining. The police are investigating what has happened and they lead to a suspect Zayed Khan. What follows is a series of cat and mouse games among the two stars.

I zayed khan vaada songs think Arjun and Zayed are good actor's at all. Zayed Khan shows of a bit too much, but he sp balasubramaniam songs hindi collection mp3 s perform a good act in this film.

Finally the actress Amisha Patel hasn't got a lot of scenes in the film, but she does appear in flashbacks. Her acting is quite good but unnoticed. Thanks to her sexy dance and amazingly body, that i sure would like to dance with.

Who cares about her acting as long as she shakes her curves in the dance sequences. There are many fun and entertaining scenes. This is worth the watch and does have a good twist at the end. Sometimes filmmakers spoil the chances of making a good film VAADA by Satish Kaushik is one such film The film starts off as a good thriller but is ruined by bad handling and writing.

The film starts off slowly establishing characters through flashbacks even the interval point is superb and the rest of the film becomes a cat and mouse game which is good but gets predictable. Worst are scenes that defy rationale like Zayed khan vaada songs landing up at a house to keep ornaments even though he is a prime suspect. Also the courtroom drama isn't riveting But the climax is superb, Arjun meeting Zayed is superbly caned Direction by Satish Kaushik is good in parts but overall not great Music is okay, Vaada Hai is a good song while Udd Jaaye comes at a wrong place Arjun Rampal played a blind man in Aankhen and was criticised those days his films never worked but here he is awesome especially in the second half, one of his best works.

Zayed khan vaada songs Patel has a short role and she ruins that too by her hamming Zayed Khan makes his role into a cartoon when he shouts He apes SRK badly in scenes where he zayed khan vaada songs to be obsessive Rakesh Bedi is okay, Rajesh Vivek is given a stupid role Alok Nath is typecast.

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