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Aug ; Urologia Internationalis. [object Object]. M Jovanovic · [object Object] [object Object]. Dragan Uros Crnomarkovic · [object Object]. S. Dragicevic. Aug ; Urologia Internationalis. [object Object]. M Jovanovic · [object Object] [object Object]. Dragan Uros Crnomarkovic · [object Object]. S. Dragicevic. [Aleksendric, Dragan] Univ Belgrade, Automot Dept, Fac Mech Engn, Belgrade .. Sijercic, Miroslav; Crnomarkovic, Nenad; Stankovic, Branislav; Tucakovic, Dragan Comparison of Open Nephroureterectomy and Open UROLOGIA.

Jovan Nikolić's research works | Klinički centar Srbije, Belgrade (CCS) and other places

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By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies. Download citation. Request full-text. Cite this publication. Dragan Uros Crnomarkovic. Jelena Marinkovic. In the periodpatients dragan crnomarkovic urologia operated from upper urothelial tumors UUT. They lived in the region of settlements 1. Tumors were not registered at villagesinhabitants. Patients from 16 towns pts. The remaining villages pts. The average age of UUT patients is in inverse proportion to the incidence in the villages.

The number of villages within brackets and the average annual incidence of UUT perinhabitants in various incidence groups are: The number of patients within brackets and the dragan crnomarkovic urologia age in the same groups are The correlation of incidence with the average age of patients is suggestive of a dose responsible disease. Dragan crnomarkovic urologia 4. References 5. The unique feature of this disease is that BEN seems to be a familial, but not inherited occurring in several endemic areas Toncheva tip top game al.

Moreover, this serious disease is closely associated with upper urothelial carcinomas UUC of the renal pelvis and ureter Stefanovic ; Jankovic dragan crnomarkovic urologia al. Although BEN has been studied for more than 50 years, aetiology of this nephropathy is still a matter of debate. The effects of heavy metal ions, phthalates and ochratoxin A on oxidation of carcinogenic aristolochic acid I causing Balkan endemic nephropathy. Aetiology of BEN is still not fully explained.

When the combined effects of these compounds were investigated, the most efficient inhibition was caused by OTA combined with BBP and selenium ions. Full-text available. Jan Familial dragan crnomarkovic urologia of bladder cancer. May Vojnosanit Pregl. Except for dragan crnomarkovic urologia and certain occupational exposures, the etiology of bladder cancer is largely unknown. Several case reports have described familial aggregation of transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder.

Although the majority of patients with bladder cancer do dragan crnomarkovic urologia have family history of transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary tract, the study of familial transitional cell carcinoma may lead to the knowledge on the pathogenesis of this disease.

The purpose of this study was to describe three cases dragan crnomarkovic urologia urinary bladder cancer in a single three-member family, i. Case report: Three cases of urinary bladder cancer occurred in a three-member family within the interval of 5 years. The following common characteristics were detected in our patients: The stated common characteristics in our cases indicate, above all, the impact of exposure dragan crnomarkovic urologia external surrounding factors on the occurrence of urinary bladder cancer.

Dec Arch Ind Hyg Toxicol. This review addresses the unresolved aetiology of several nephropathies and associated upper tract tumours diagnosed all over the world, but especially in the Balkan regions.

Studies conducted over the last 35 ubuntu sabily terbaru aurel point to mycotoxins, mainly ochratoxin A OTA as the main culprit.

Recent theories however have implicated aristolochic acids AA. The aim of this review is to put forward arguments in favour of the mycotoxin theory and to show the incoherence of the AA theory. Urinary tract tumors and Balkan nephropathy in the Dragan crnomarkovic urologia Morava Opera for android 2.3 basin. Dec Kidney Int Suppl. The aim of this investigation was to study the frequency of urinary tract tumors UTT in settlements around the South Morava River and its tributaries where Balkan nephropathy is endemic.

For this purpose surgery and autopsy records of patients with UTT were reviewed. The records came from 25 counties and settlements classified as endemic, hypoendemic and nonendemic. Upper tract urothelial, urinary bladder and kidney tumors were included in the evaluation.

A highly significant geographic correlation between Balkan nephropathy and UTT localized in renal pelvis and ureter was noted in the South Morava River valley. These tumors were 57 and The frequency of urinary bladder tumors in endemic settlements was also increased compared with the nonendemic villages and large cities, up to In endemic settlements, upper urinary tract tumors were five times and tumors of urinary bladder were seven times more frequent in families with Balkan nephropathy than in those without, and up to times more frequent than in the city families.

Familial clustering of UTT was also noted. The geographic correlation between Balkan nephropathy and UTT supports the speculation that these disorders share a common etiology. Incidence of tumors of urinary organs in a focus of Balkan endemic nephropathy. The cohort consisted of members who made up the denominator of 5, person-years of observation. Incidence of deaths, either from or with tumors of urinary organs, was taken as dragan crnomarkovic urologia measure of outcome.

The diagnosis of tumor was based on pathohistological confirmation. Incidence density of urinary tract tumors was 1. Balkan endemic nephropathy: A need for novel aetiological approaches. Aetiology remains the main unanswered problem in Balkan endemic nephropathy BEN despite investigations into the roles of genetic factors, environmental agents and immune mechanisms.

Evidence has accumulated that BEN is an environmentally-induced disease. Weathering of low-rank coals near to the villages where BEN is endemic produces water-soluble polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and aromatic amines, similar to metabolic products of acetaminophen that cause analgesic nephropathy. Many of these compounds are known to be carcinogenic and could also cause urothelial cancer. Genetic studies have supported genetic predisposition to BEN. The candidate genes dragan crnomarkovic urologia been localized to a region between 3q25 and 3q26, the 3q BEN marker being detected in both BEN patients and in some healthy relatives with initial morphological changes peculiar to BEN.

Three bands with increased frequencies of spontaneous and induced aberrations contain oncogenes. The frequent association of BEN and urinary tract tumours UTT can be explained by the chromosomal dragan crnomarkovic urologia of oncogenesis. The results of molecular biological investigations will allow the identification of genetic markers of BEN, permitting early detection of BEN-predisposing mutations and identification of susceptible individuals who may be at risk of exposure to the environmental agents.

An increased incidence of tumours of renal pelvis and ureter in patients with BEN and in population from endemic settlements has been observed. Familial clustering of the UTT was also reported.

The frequency of urinary bladder tumours in BEN-endemic settlements is also increased compared with the non-endemic villages and cities. A decreasing incidence of the disease. Aug Pathol Biol. Since the effects of etiological agent s on renal function in children from families in endemic areas was demonstrated dragan crnomarkovic urologia the early nineties and the disease seems to have an endemic-epidemic profile, the possibility of another epidemic outbreak in the future cannot be excluded.

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Lagu keagungan tuhan victor hutabarat penggeng Evaluation of overall quality of life in patients with Mainz pouch II urinary derivation has given encouraging results. Characteristics of each patient, clinical findings and patohystology findings take places in statistic evaluation of the results. We have dragan crnomarkovic urologia three techniques of insertion of the ureters into the ileal conduit, which dragan crnomarkovic urologia used in the daily practice Wallace A, Wallace B, Nesbit-Bricker. Browse more researchers. Aristolochic Acid as a Prototype Carcinogen. A year-old female was hospitalized due to total painless hematuria and bladder tamponade.

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