Complete kalam sultan bahoo mp3

complete kalam sultan bahoo mp3

Baghdad Shehar Dee Kiya Nishani | Sultan Bahu» .com/uploads/Alam% 20Lohar%%20Alif%20Allah%20Chambe%20Di%itouchblog.de3]. Sultan Bahu was a Muslim Sufi and saint, who founded the Sarwari Qadiri sufi order. His Punjabi sufi poetry has been very popular in Punjab and has been. Listen online and download mp3 sufi kalam of Hazrat Sultan Bahu in the beautiful voice of Syed Fassihuddin Soharwardi. Posts about Kalam Hazrat Sultan Bahu written by qausain. crown it all, O Bahu, the Lord now demands. The full settlement of my account-to that last farthing! –. kalam bahooکلام باھو - This free No Ads free application is based on Abyat Bahu کلام باھو kalam bahoo Book and mufti media which contains the Sufi poetry Sufi Lyrics in Punjabi book and videos audios mp3. Total downloads, Abyat -e-Bahoo is Kalam of Sufi Saint Hazrat Sultan Bahoo R.A. This. complete kalam sultan bahoo mp3

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CABRAS JUGANDO YOUTUBE ER False prophets sell their souls to the world And mislead seekers with a pretence of spiritual guidance. Ever since the Lord ordained the Creation, Ever since I last saw that gateway to his court. I crave not heavenn, I fear not hell. Ishq muazzin dittiaan baangaan, Kanneen sad peeose hoo. Jaan andar varh jhaatee paaeeas, Ditthaa yaar ikallaa hoo.
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Timme mool tarbooz na honde, Torh makke lai jaaee-e hoo. Kaan de bachche hans na theende, Pae motee chog chugaaee-e hoo. Kaurhe khooh na mitthe hunde, Sai manaan khand paaee-e hoo.

Nit asaade khalle khaandee, Ehaa duneeaa zishtee hoo. Jainde kaaran baih baih rovan, Sheikh, mushaaikh, Chishtee hoo. Jinhaan andar hubb duneeaa dee, Gharq unhaan dee kishtee hoo. Tark duneeaa dee kar toon Baahoo, Khaasaa raah bahishtee hoo. This foul, ugly world For which priests and leaders of religion shed tears Is rebuffed and rebuked by the lovers of God. Nafal namaazaan kamm zanaanaa, Roze sarfaa rotee hoo.

Makke de val soee jaande, Gharon jinhaan tarotee hoo. Uchcheeaan baangaan soee devan, Neeat jinhaan dee khotee hoo. Keeh parvaah tinhaan noon, jinhaan Ghar wich complete kalam sultan bahoo mp3 bauhtee hoo. Formal prayer and prostration are feeble pursuits.

Fasting has little merit, other than to save food. Na oh Hindu na oh momin, Na sajdaa den maseetee hoo. Dam dam de wich wekhan Maulaa, Jinhaan qazaa na keetee hoo. Aahe daane bane complete kalam sultan bahoo mp3, Zaat sahee vanj keetee hoo. Main care joel faviere mp3 tinhaan ton Baahoo, Ishq baazee jin complete kalam sultan bahoo mp3 hoo.

But they never take a break from their devotions And are always in communion with the Lord within. Na Rabb arsh mu-alla utte, Na Rabb khaavve Kaabe hoo. Na Rabb ilm kitaabeen labbhaa, Na Rabb wich maihraabe hoo.

Ganga teerath mool na miliaa, Painde be-hisaabe hoo. Jad daa murshid pharhiaa Baahoo, Chhutte sab aazaabe hoo. I never met him through bathing in holy waters- I roamed far and wide in a fruitless search. Na koee taalib, na koee murshid, Sab dilaase mutthe hoo. Raah faqr daa pare parere, Hirs duneeaa dee kutthe hoo. Shauq Ilaahee ghaalib hoiaa, Jind marne te utthe hoo.

Jain tan bharhke bhaah birhon dee, Maran tirhaae bhukkhe hoo. T here aer few genuine disciples. People purporting to be Masters Perpetuate themselves with false promises. They exploit their followers to complete kalam sultan bahoo mp3 their greed; They have no inkling of the exaltation of the mystic path. Na main jogee na main jangam, Na main chillaa kamaaiaa hoo.

Na main bhajj maseetee varhiaa, Na tasbaa kharhkaaiaa hoo. Jo dam ghaaril so dam kaafir, Murshid eh farmaaiaa hoo. Murshid sohnee keetee Baahoo, Pal wich chaa pahunchaaiaa hoo. My Master has taught me a precious lesson: The moment you have forgotten to remember God Is the moment you have spent in denial of God! O, what a marvel my Master has performed- In no time has he transported me to the Lord!

Na main ser na paa chhataakee, Na pooree complete kalam sultan bahoo mp3 hoo. Na main tolaa, na main maasaa, Gal rattiaan te aaee hoo. Rattee hovaan rattiaan tullaan, Oh bhee complete kalam sultan bahoo mp3 naahee hoo. Wazan tol pooraa tad hosee, Jad hosee fazal Ilaahee hoo. I will only assume my true worth When the Lord showers his grace on me! Bahu takes seer as the standard representing a spiritually mature person.

He mentions other weight measures give in italics in their descending order-right down to ratti, the smallest measure.

Na main Sunnee, na main Sheeaa, Dohaan ton fil sarhiaa hoo. Mukk gae sabh khushkee painde, Jad dariaa wahadat varhiaa hoo. Kaee complete kalam sultan bahoo mp3 tar tar haare, Koee kinaare charhhiaa hoo.

Sahee salaamat paar gae, Jinh murshid daa larh pharhiaa hoo. The arid part of my journey ended When I turned away from both And plunged into the ocean of oneness.

Many dived into that ocean ill-prepared, And drowned- Only the rare one who was able to swim across! Na main aalim, na main faazil, Na muftee na qazee hoo. Na dil meraa dozakh te, Na shauq bahishteen raazee hoo. Na main treehe roze rakkhe, Na main paak namaazee hoo. Bajh wisaal Allaah de Baahoo, Duneeaa koorhee baazee hoo. I have never fasted for the thrity days of ramzaan, Nor have I been a devout worshipper in a mosque.

Naheen faqeeree jhalliaan maaran, Suttiaan lok jagaavan hoo. Naheen faqeeree vaihndeeaan nadeeaan, Sukkiaan paar langhaavan hoo. Naheen faqeeree wich havaa de, Sajjaadaa thairaavan hoo. Naam faqeer tinhaan da, jehrhe Dil wich dost tikaavan hoo. Spiritual life does not consist Of loud prayers and frenzied dancing- They only upset the peace and quiet of early morning.

Nerhe wassan door daseevan, Vehrhe naaheen varhde hoo. Andar dhoondan vall na aaiaa, Baahir dhoondan charhhde hoo. Door giaan kujh haasil naahin, Shauh labbhe wich acustico engenheiros do hawaii mtv de hoo.

Dil kar saiqal sheeshe vaangoon, Door theevan kul parde hoo. All the veils will be lifted, O Bahu, When you remove all the coverings of dirt, And your heart shines like a mirror.

Wahadat de dariaa uchhalle, Jal thal jangal reene hoo. Ishq dee zaat maneende naaheen, Saangaan jhall tapeene hoo. Ang bhabhoot maleende ditthe, Sai javaan lakheene hoo. Main qurbaan tinhaan ton, jehrhe Hondee himmat heene hoo. Wahadat de dariaa ucchalle, Hik dil sahee na keetee hoo. Hik butkhaane waasil thee-e, Hik parhh parhh rahe maseetee hoo.

Fazil chhadd fazeelat baithe, Ishq baazee jaan leetee hoo. Hargiz Rabb na mildaa, jinhaan Trattee chaurh na keetee hoo. Some merged with the Lord through idol worship; Others wasted their time with scriptures in mosques. You will never be worthy of meeting God, O Bahu, If you have not sacrificed your all for him. Wahadat de dariaa Ilaahee, Aashiq lainde taaree hoo.

Maaran tubbeeaan kaddhan motee, Aapo-apnee vaaree hoo. Durr-e-yateem lae lishkaare, Jion chann laataan maaree hoo. So kion naaheen haasil bharde, Jo naukar sarkaaree hoo. In their own turn, they appear in the world To dive deep into that ocean, to gather pearls. Among the pearls is a gem- Unique in value, unmatched in lustre- That shines like the moon.

We are all in the employ of the Lord, O Bahu; Let us pay homage to him through our paryers. Vanjan complete kalam sultan bahoo mp3 te farz hai mainoon, Qaul qaalu balaa kar ke hoo. Lok jaane mutfakkar hoeeaan, Wich wahadat de varh ke hoo. Shauh deeaan maaraan Shauh vanj laihsaan, Ishq tullaa sir dhar ke hoo. Jeeondiaan Shauh kise na paaiaa, Jain laddhaa tain mar ke hoo.

Ever since the Lord ordained the Creation, I have been pledged to return to my original home. People know, from my quest for unity in God, That I am as anxious as I am eager to merge with him. I shall bear the blows of destiny as I pursue him, While I am ferried across to him on the boat of his love. No one ever found the Lord while living, O Bahu, exept those who found him By dying while living.

Vaih vaih nadeeaan complete kalam sultan bahoo mp3 hoeeaan, Bambal chhorhe kaahaan hoo. Yaar asaadaa style 2010 patigasan mp3 mahalleen, Dar te khale sikaahaan hoo.

Na koee aave, na koee jaave, Kain hath likh munjaahaan hoo. Jekar khabr jaanee dee aave, Kaleeon phull theevaahaan hoo. Water flows in streams, like life in the river of time. The reeds have blossomed again- Another season of life has passed!

The bud of my heart would unfurl into a flower Were I to receive his Word, Were I called to his presence. Hardam sharm dee tand tarorhe, Jaan eh chhodak bulle hoo.

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