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Film Directory. Perfect Proposal ().. Perfect Proposal. While running a travel agency in Macau, Ji-yeon is ripped off by her business. Movie: Perfect Proposal (English title) / Secret Temptation (literal title); Revised romanization: Eunmilhan Yoohok; Hangul: 은밀한 유혹; Director: Yoon Jae-Koo. This time, with the romance thriller, Perfect Proposal! too obvious or mushy, a perfect choice for a weekend movie outing with the gang. An indebted young woman gets a proposal from a handsome man. Perfect Proposal Poster .. As it is the movie seems to have a very straightforward plot. Perfect Proposal is a South Korean romantic thriller film written and directed by Yoon Jae-gu, based on the novel La Femme de paille ("Woman of Straw"). Perfect Proposal (Korea Movie); 은밀한 유혹; Eunmilhan Yoohok;Secret Temptation;Eunmilhan Yuhok;Confidential Seduction; While running a travel agency in. perfect proposal movie

Perfect Proposal, directed by Yoon Jae-goo | Movie review

While running a travel agency in Macau, Ji Yeon is ripped off by her business partner. One day, the attractive and benevolent Sung Yeol gives her an irresistible offer: Without another option to fall back on, she complies and perfect proposal movie the ailing chairman, who is impossible to deal with.

Ji Yeon slowly gains the attention of both Sung Yeol and the chairman and wavers between an opportunity that will secure her future and love. As tension rises among these figures on the yacht, no one can predict its outcome.

CJ Entertainment. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. TV Shows. Top Actors Add New Person. Forums Contributors. Win a Japanese Snack box today! Hide ads with VIP. Perfect Proposal Country: South Korea Release Date: Jun 4, Duration: Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a perfect proposal movie.

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Close this window for next 24 hours. While running a travel agency in Macau, Ji-yeon is ripped off by her business partner. One day, the attractive and benevolent Sung-yeol gives her an irresistible offer: USD 5, monthly salary to perfect proposal movie on a luxurious yacht and assist the chairman of Cenado, a prominent shipping and casino operator company.

Without another option to fall back on, she complies and nurses the ailing chairman, who is impossible to deal with. Ji-yeon slowly gains the attention of b Ji-yeon slowly gains the attention of both Sung-yeol and the chairman, and wavers between an opportunity that will secure her future and love.

As tension rises among perfect proposal movie figures on the yacht, no one can predict the outcome. Number of Screens: CJ Entertainment filmsales cj. Perfect proposal movie Pictures - Production. CJ Entertainment - International Sales. LIM Soo-jung. Among the programmed films in the section which was presented by the Korean Cultural Center Indone The Lotte Entertainment title is gearing up for a release. The music drama set in the s, tow Opening t Weekend Box Office Recap: The Warner Bros.

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Perfect Proposal Hangul: Eunmilhan Yuhok ; perfect proposal movie. Yoo Ji-yeon is a Korean university graduate who is stuck working as a waiter under the name "Jenny Yoo" in a Macanese bar after her colleague stole her credit card and all of her money before running away, forcing her to pay her increasingly rising debt. Her Macanese friend offers her a job interview with Kim Sung-yeol, the illegitimate son of Kim Seok-gu, a successful gambling corporation chairman who owns half of the casinos in Macau.

Sung-yeol asks Ji-yeon to become Seok-gu's new bride, so perfect proposal movie can inherit his property kompilacja 7601 remove wat divide it for the two of them.

Sung-yeol is unable to inherit his property due to his status. Seok-gu has become grumpy since his family's deaths years ago. Ji-yeon reluctantly learns manners resembling Seok-gu's late wife to better her chance in attracting the old man. Arriving at his yacht, Ji-yeon becomes a part of Seok-gu's attendants that include the Korean ship captain and maid Ji Yoo-mi who takes care of Seok-gu's pet chihuahua, the Russian Viktor, and the Pakistani Khan.

Perfect proposal movie to endure Seok-gu's constant lashing, criticism, and various perfect proposal movie rhetoric, Ji-yeon nevertheless is able to stand up and change him into a less irascible person, even managing to make him play the piano again, an activity that used to be his hobby until his family's demise.

Seok-gu in turn reveals about his past as a "circus" player in Macau, his reasons for using the whistle and constantly shouting, and also mentions a woman who helped him achieve his success. Ji-yeon though is dispirited one night and searches solace in Sung-yeol, with whom she has fallen in love.

Khan, however, sneaks on their conversations and begins to keep a watchful eye on the two. The other night, Ji-yeon has had enough and tries to leave, all while stating her discomfort of having to live for 10 years with Seok-gu even if the plan did work, in front of Sung-yeol.

To her surprise, Seok-gu proposes to her the next day and has apparently modified his will to include her name. At the wedding reception, Seok-gu nicknames Ji-yeon "Cinderella". However, Ji-yeon discovers to her horror that Seok-gu has died the night after the reception. Sung-yeol tells her that they have to act normal until their arrival to Busan, followed by delivering Seok-gu's body to his home until Sung-yeol can sign his father's modified will that includes Ji-yeon's inheritance.

Ji-yeon tries hard to keep the act in front of Seok-gu's personal assistant, Jang Hye-jin, who is beginning to suspect something.

Eventually, she is caught by the police and accused as the murderer. Perfect proposal movie to the prison, Ji-yeon sees Khan unsuccessfully trying to reach her and shouting "Camera! While scanning the identification papers, Ji-yeon realizes that the woman mentioned by Seok-gu is Hye-jin. Using Seok-gu's wording, Hye-jin frees Ji-yeon into probation so she can attend Seok-gu's funeral.

There, Ji-yeon attempts to reach Khan, only to be apprehended, and from the crime scene photos further realizes that Seok-gu's chihuahua has been fitted with a camera that also recorded Seok-gu's real murderer: Khan is the only one knowing this, but Sung-yeol kills him to silence him.

The chihuahua is currently carried by Yoo-mi, who is hunted by Sung-yeol. Ji-yeon manages to reach their rendezvous place and after a struggle, is able to get the camera and knocks down Sung-yeol with Yoo-mi's help. Sung-yeol is arrested for the murders while Ji-yeon's inheritance as Seok-gu's wife is realized, making her the new owner of the Macanese casinos.

Ji-yeon visits Sung-yeol at the prison to hear his reasons and that he never loved her. Just before she leaves, Sung-yeol tells her that he is the one who made her "Cinderella": Perfect proposal movie gives a smile.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Perfect Proposal International poster. Korea JoongAng Daily. Retrieved 23 April Korean Cinema Today. Film Business Asia. Korean Film Biz Zone. Retrieved 26 May The Chosun Ilbo.

Retrieved 14 June Retrieved 9 June Retrieved perfect proposal movie " https: Hidden categories: Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 31 Mayat By using this site, you agree perfect proposal movie the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. International poster. La Femme de perfect proposal movie by Catherine Arley [1]. Im Soo-jung Yoo Yeon-seok. CJ Entertainment [2] [3].

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