Moment of truth lyrics tyler james williams and brandon mychal smith

moment of truth lyrics tyler james williams and brandon mychal smith

Lyrics to Moment of Truth by Tyler James Williams from the Let It Shine album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more!. Moment of Truth This song is by Brandon Mychal Smith and Tyler James Williams and appears on the Disney soundtrack Let It Shine (). Tyler James Williams Lyrics. "Moment Of Truth" (with Brandon Mychal Smith) ( from "Let It Shine" soundtrack). [Brandon Mychal Smith:] Uh, so you're a rapper. Full and accurate LYRICS for "Moment Of Truth" from "Brandon Mychal Smith feat . Tyler James Williams": Brandon Mychal Smith, Heh uh, You want this battle. Moment of Truth Songtext von Brandon Mychal Smith & Tyler James Williams mit Lyrics, deutscher √úbersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf. moment of truth lyrics tyler james williams and brandon mychal smith

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. You must enable javascript to view this page. This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. Brandon Mychal Smith Here we go again, Prepare to meet your end. Just looked you up on Facebook, You have zero friends. This kid's a loser, You haven't even kissed a girl. You write her love letters, I'll buy her ice and pearls.

So how you like me now? Even Roxanne is in the background Saying "Wow, Bling's got style. You're the boat without the paddle, You're the duck without the waddle. You're the horse without the saddle, The ranch moment of truth lyrics tyler james williams and brandon mychal smith the cattle. The day without the shadow, Son, I think you should skedaddle. Adios amigo, You're over with, finito. This clown couldn't wrap anything, But my burrito.

Brandon Mychal Smith You have to hold your mommy's hand, Before you cross the street. You have to sneak out the house, Just to clean and sweep. And now you look queasy, I made him go mute. Put your camera phones up, So you can post this on YouTube. Truth's got a screw loose, He's terrified to bust. So lightweight, That I could blow him over with a gust. You're weak like Seven Days, You deserve boos.

You should walk around in some high heel shoes. You should rock pigtails and a skirt You're shakin' in your boots Are your feelings getting hurt? Oh, well maybe I should hurt, More than your feelings. Maybe I should rip, The roof off the theater ceiling. Maybe you should start kneeling, His eyes are getting misty. You're so whack, If you were me, you couldn't diss me. Kissy, kissy Roxanne, Did you miss me? I'll take you out to dinner, After I've eaten this pipsqueak. And when we're on vacation, Moment of truth lyrics tyler james williams and brandon mychal smith let him house sit.

Here's a couple bucks, Buy yourself a better outfit. Tyler James Williams You know what? You don't have a stack of cash, Or a flashy pad. I saw you last week drivin' a taxi cab. Your secret's out and now they know, sport, We'll call if we need a ride to an airport.

In fact, you could drop me off at home after this, Then, you can take back a couple bucks, but as a tip. You playin' yourself like solitaire, Tellin' everyone that's here that you're a millionaire.

You're not a baller, you're a phony, I'll bet your whole crew, was a bunch of Rent-a-Homies. And now you lie in bed lonely, Your persona's a facade. The only girls you get, Are in the pages of a catalog. Here stands Lord of the Bluff, His lies were legendary, till the truth made him hush. And what's funny is your truth is enough, Why'd you have to make up the money and the stuff?

I guess muskaan film video easy to play the role and act hard, 'Cause you don't have the guts to tell us who you really are. So you can keep a trophy that you don't deserve, I might be a busboy but you just got served. Nominate as Song of the Day. Hype Machine: Moment of Truth. Retrieved from " http: Cancel Save.

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