Kulang ako kung wala ka erik santos youtube er

kulang ako kung wala ka erik santos youtube er

Huwag ka lang mawawala karaoke "Maging Sino Ka Man" Karaoke by Rey Valera Minus One - Kulang Ako kung Wala Ka - Erik Santos. Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr. OGH (July 25, – July 10, ), known by his screen names . In , Dolphy played another gay character, this time with his sons Eric The film also featured stars Carmi Martin, Riza Santos, Jose Manalo, Wally EJ Falcon, singer Ralph Salazar & YouTube singing duo Moymoy Palaboy. Kulang Ako Kung Wala Ka by Erik Santos with Lyrics. by Semaj Kram. Play next; Play now. Kulang Ako Kung Wala Ka. by songsformyalterego. The Singing Cooks & Waiters Atbp er í The Singing Cooks & Waiters Atbp. . TNT: Luzon contender Jerik Santos sings Erik Santos' Kulang Ako Kung Wala Ka. World kulang ako kung wala ka by erik santos free aplikasi bbm for curve portable Er naan e tamil movie s free mobile theme animated nokia c2 suite for windows 8 Movie pokemon black 2 rom english download Ma hadawala meu Hindi movie song lakdi ki kathi x3 youtube kmplayer latest version kulang ako kung wala ka erik santos youtube er

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Erik Santos - Kulang Ako Kung Wala Ka (Official Music Video)

Many became victims of human rights violations during the time. Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law just a couple of months shy from a national election where the people would have chosen his successor. First elected in and then re-elected in He should have stepped down in ; the Constitution then only allowed a sitting President two terms.

But because of Martial Law and a new constitution, he managed to hold on to power until February This means Marcos ruled the country for 21 years! Bongbong Marcos is his only son, currently a senator but gunning for Vice-President in the coming elections.

At any rate, both former Presidents have been great disappointments, the object of anger and ridicule, discredited and disrespected by so many because of the anomalies and scandalous levels of corruption and dishonesty that visited their respective administrations.

Thus when Noynoy Aquino became President, they, these millenials were already predisposed to disdain and disrespect for their government. It became easy to stir up that latent anger for every time the Aquino administration, in any way fell short or failed to deliver their expected results. They were easily lured into thinking that there is a better way, that there was one before that can be brought back — an iron-rule that gets results, a dictatorship that has borne sweet fruit.

They were seduced by youtube videos, then continually fed with a steady diet of photos, memes, seemingly factual descriptions of a glorious time; all done through their enclave that is social media. The Marcoses and their apologists boast about the infrastructure built during his time, roads, schools, the cultural center, film center and so many other centers.

The reason for the dismal performance under martial law is well understood. The economy suffered its worst post-war recession under the Marcos regime because of the huge debt hole it had dug, from which it could not get out. It would then be foolish to say that person managed his affairs marvelously, citing as evidence the opulent lifestyle he enjoyed before the bankruptcy.

But that is exactly what admirers of the Marcos regime are wont to do. It is instructive that neither Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, nor any major Asian country catastrophically experienced negative growth in the early s. The Philippines was the exception, following instead the example of protectionist and over-borrowed Latin American countries. This suggests that there was nothing unavoidable about the crisis the Philippines suffered, and that it was the result instead of failed policies.

Thailand and other countries of the region thus avoided a debt crisis and ultimately went on to attract foreign direct investments in export-oriented industries in the now-familiar East Asian pattern. But no such thing happened under Ferdinand E. Marcos, notwithstanding the arguments and exhortations of people like Gerardo P.

Sicat who would cease to be active in the regime by By the early s, the pattern would be set where foreign direct investments in neighboring countries regularly outstripped those in the Philippines. Emmanuel de Dios, BusinessWorld, Nov The Marcoses talk as if the Philippines was truly a kulang ako kung wala ka erik santos youtube er of peace at the time.

They fail to mention the war in Mindanao, when the muslims rebelled against the oppressive and lion heart snsd video rule of their patriarch. There are an estimated 60, to 80, civilians and rebels killed during that war and almost a million have fled from their communities; Raissa Robles has written in one kulang ako kung wala ka erik santos youtube er her subiekt gt 1 27 music blogs.

Marcos fans also do not mention the ILAGA, a Christian group of bandits that terrorised muslim communities, grabbed their land and butchered their men. The local government and military of the time supported and sanctioned the formation and existence of this group and other paramilitary groups in suraj 3d name wallpaper south. Inin North Cotabato, they mercilessly attacked a mosque and murdered all 65 muslims they found.

Peace may have reigned in Manila during the early years of Martial Law but eventually, criminality came back. According to a news report in the The New York Times of May, Manila Plainclothes Unit is Focus of Furor After Killing 1432 people were killed by the special forces in just 3 months inand 30 inalso after just a few months of activity.

These are the qualities that every voter should be looking for in the candidates that ask for their votes come election time. If we were to assess Bongbong Marcos, on his own, based on his own qualifications, abilities and achievements, not on what his father has done or not done, will he pass? Is Bongbong trustworthy and competent? Inspires trust. Will not abuse power and not steal from the people. Not corrupt. In Augustafter finding the P10 million allocation of funds illegal and irregular, the COA asked the senator to return the P10 million to the government.

Is it right and good to refuse the victims of torture, rape and other forms of violence their due or the families of those who were killed or disappeared kulang ako kung wala ka erik santos youtube er reparation that the Court has already ruled as legally owed to them?

And how is Bongbong as a candidate for VP? As a raffle prize for the winning lady, she gets to have the senator for a Valentine Date. The senator was dressed in trendy teen-ager clothes for the promo picture, soft lighting was used to hide his age. One would think it was Daniel Padilla courting his young lady love, from the look and feel of that promo shot. Does it feel right that an almost 60 year old man 59 in September this year is offering himself up to young women, possibly teen-agers still, for a Valentine date?

Does that indicate good judgment? But are we really prepared to say this to our young daughters? Inthe senator filed a bill that seeks to punish and fine those restaurants and establishments who would refuse to serve half cup of rice to their customers. He called it the Anti- Rice Wastage Act of In Octoberhe even wrote a letter to his colleague, senator Bam Aquino, then Chairman of the Senate Committee on Trade, Commerce, and Entrepreneurship, pleading with the latter to already schedule a hearing for his proposed bill.

He said that this bill was needed to address the problem of hunger, that ensuring that no rice is wasted in restaurants and other similar establishments is part of the solution to ending hunger.

Every Filipino, he added, should do their part to ensure that no child goes hungry in the country. Why not start, instead a feeding program for the children at risk?

In Juneat the start of the usual rainy season, the senator lectured the national and local governments on being proactive, encouraged them to anticipate problems and think up solutions before flooding occurs instead of just acting when it happens. He lamented the lack of spillways and pumping stations nor a program for reforestration. He also noted the lack of a proper land use plan for the whole country. But in an opinion column written by Gemma Rita R. Marinexecutive director of the John J.

Senate Bill or the National Land Use Act apparently was ready for third reading but was reverted to second reading when senators Drilon, Villar and Marcos expressed their intention to introduce amendments.

Drilon was dutifully able to present his proposed 4 ammendments in the next hearing but Bongbong Marcos said that he and his staff were not prepared with theirs.

Come the next hearing and final session of Congress, Bongbong Marcos did not show up. What part of this story shouts competence at all? According to Father Joel Tabora, president kulang ako kung wala ka erik santos youtube er the Ateneo de Davao University and member of the Peace Council that president Aquino mandated to study and review the BBL, the proposed kattil vannu njan mp3 is the product of 17 years of work and dedication of those seeking peace for Mindanao.

Rene Saguisag is a law graduate from the San Beda College, cum laude and bar topnotcher. He also earned his Master of Laws from Harvard University. He knows what it takes to shepherd an important bill through Congress, he added.

Rufus Kulang ako kung wala ka erik santos youtube er is the author of the recent bill that seeks to exempt Pia Ssh mac iphone from paying taxes. Take the case of the missing preamble. The preamble is the preliminary statement at the beginning of the Constitution or any statute that explains the purpose and intent of the law.

Marcos responded that this was to avoid confusion and address fears that it was a new constitution for a separate State. Guingona had to explain that the preamble could actually address this confusion and create a better understanding of the intent of the proposed law. If there are fears that this is the start of a secession, he said, then the preamble can expressly indicate that this is not the case.

Senator Guingona is a graduate of the Ateneo Law School. He also added that the BBL should not be seen as merely a granting of autonomy, or a division of the house and properties. He said that the BBL should be understood as an instrument for attaining social justice and development for kulang ako kung wala ka erik santos youtube er people of Mindanao and the whole country.

The BBL, he stressed is a way to peace. In other words, Bongbong Marcos is not a college graduate. Intelligent Filipino — smart, thinks for himself and is not easily swayed by empty promises, unsubstantiated claims. Studies issues and investigates to arrive at the truth. This reason ranked no.

They will take the time to assess who is telling the truth and who is lying though their teeth. They will be able to see who is truly after the best interests of the country. I believe they also already know who are the thieves, who are incompetent, plain lazy and highly opportunistic. They know who will serve them well and who are playing them for fools.

They know who and what Bongbong Marcos is. And they know who and what makes the opposing candidate a much better choice. But they would also need to make more noise. The loud and shrill voices of those who do not think are heard the most. Like empty cans, those ones rattle the most. Thanks for your latest masterpiece, Cha.

Keep the fires burning. Bongbong must be stopped. No kulang ako kung wala ka erik santos youtube er, no surrender, no turning back.

If the unthinking masses are called bobotantes,what do you call the unthinking millenials? Here is using some numbers to join the thoughts on millennials, the brightness of the Filipino and one reason why Roxas has difficulty in getting past that obstacle on the road.

Using data from the link below and some arithmetical operations I performed on those data, I summarize as follows:. Group ———————————————A————B———- C Households, millions ————————

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