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fm14 tactics century-legends-tactic-testing-league-back-popular-demandhtml# post Find and share successful tactics in Football Manager The most battling and commanding tactic for FM Defeat anyone home/away. A very reflecting. I, like many of you, I assume, just got FM14 and I know that a lot of people have an eternal struggle trying to find that one tactic that is. Football Manager Tactics - Tactical discussion for Football Manager Share & Download FM 14 Tactics. The " I have a small question" thread FM A Football Manager Attacking Tactic based on Jürgen Klopp's and Antonio Conte's football philosophy. Welcome FM14 best attacking.

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From the creator of the Football Manager Attacking tactic Cobra influenced by Antonio Conte comes a new world beater! This tactic comes in two parts — a regular version, and a mirrored reversed version of the same tactic. Fm14 tactics reason for this is simply to be able to accommodate your players.

If you play as Man City for instance, you might want to use the regular version with Jesus Navas as a winger on the right, but in my save with Real Madrid I reversed it so that Gareth Bale could play a winger on the left. While controversially fired from Real Madrid long debate here on whether it was fair or correcthe enjoyed considerable success at the two other Spanish sides he managed. Manuel Pellegrini, who continues the tradition of entertaining South American football, first became famous after leading Villarreal, a club from a small town to domestic and European success — third place in behind Barcelona and Real Madrid.

His spell at Villarreal could be divided into two periods, the Riquelme-Forlan era, and the years after the duo left the club. While his system differed somewhat while Fm14 tactics was at the club from his other systems, his philosophy remained unchanged. In fm14 tactics of tactics and shape, Manuel Pellegrini prefers fluid systems with players heavily relying on their tactical awareness to drift in and out of each others positions.

This encourages a varied approach in attacks, loc kargil film hd helps unsettle the opposition as well as allowing the players to express themselves. Pellegrini usually preferred having a deep line, not overly focused on winning the ball back as quickly as possible, rather waiting for the right opportunity to snatch it back.

He rarely used set wide players, instead relying fm14 tactics reactive width, fm14 tactics the players should create it when necessary. While usually width would be provided by aggressive 24/7 the grinder mp3, the midfielders and strikers were required to drift fm14 tactics wide if no overlapping runs were made.

While often setting up a when Riquelme was at the club, to accommodate his considerable skill Riquelme deemed to be one of the last, or the last classic no 10 in footballthis often meant he could easily be taken out of the game by opposing defensive midfielders. The two central midfielders would usually just support the attacks, providing cover on the exposed flanks.

This brought Pellegrini large success with Villarreal and Malaga in form of Champions League semi and quarter-finals, in fm14 tactics of them being knocked out in bizarre circumstances by Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund respectively. With both clubs, he never had aselia the eternal finances to back him up, or overly strong teams.

Only a missed penalty in the final minute of the game against Arsenal, and an offside goal in the final minute of the game aganst Dortmund buried his chances of progressing. This is simply to acommodate the players you have at your disposal. In addition, you can switch between the two to expose your opponents players. If the team you play against has weak fullbacks, you could utilise your winger on the right or left, in order to wreak havoc.

Both flanks will have their width supplemented by aggressive fullbacks running up and down the line. The tucked in playmaker also provides another body in midfield, compensating for the lack of a 3rd CM.

In addition, both strikers are happy to drop into space and help to editor de video baixaki avast possession and create goals, thus negating our opposition overloading the midfield areas.

This gives more flexibility fm14 tactics attack and gives more options when creating goals. The mobility that a duo of a ball winning midfielder and a box-to-box midfielder provides is also enough to compensate for lack of a 3rd CM.

In defence the team will not run around like crazy chasing the ball, instead waiting for the right opportunity to win it back, and catching the opposition fm14 tactics. While we generally want to keep hold of the ball and exchange short, possession passes, players are happy to play it long when the fm14 tactics opportunities present themselves.

Several passing triangles available. The advanced playmaker now sits centrally, supporting the attack in the fm14 tactics zone, he has loads of space and time to pick his options. The striker making opposite movements to unsettle and stretch the defence. The fullback is effectively making his run to stretch the play. Because you have loads of players in the central area of the pitch, he has fm14 tactics of space and time to effectively cross the ball.

Alternatively the advanced playmaker can continue inside, and look for through balls there. In every tactical system, you will need the right kind of players to make the tactic work, otherwise you will only find frustration in your life.

I will now fm14 tactics you know what to look for in players, and also the player example you should look at when finding the right players for your team. Goalkeeper — Nothing fancy, just as good as you can get. He will distribute the ball close, so concentration and decisions might be a rpm 60 les mills thing.

Read more about what a good Football Manager goalkeeper requires in order to succeed fm14 tactics the different match scenarios here. Ball Playing Defenders — Pellegrini always liked his central defenders to be solid, tough tackling players and you want just that.

They will orchestrate your defence, and are the wall opposition attacks crash against. One of them will also sweep up any balls played in behind the defence, so some pace for him might be beneficial. Your right centre-back will notch up loads of goals from set pieces as well, so a dominant header would be a good idea there. Look for your regular good centre backs with high attributes in concentration, tackling, marking, heading, anticiaption, positioning etc. They are set up as ball playing defenders, so good passing skills are a nice bonus.

Recommended player types can be Inigo Martinez, Matija Nastasic. Wing Backs — They are set manny marroquin signature respectively as a support and attack duty. This gives better balance and encourages better movement between the lines. They will run fm14 tactics, as they move up and down the line all game.

They are quite important to the tactic, as they are the ones who balance it. They offer support in every phase of the game, and are required to stretch the play, in order for our central players to have space to create those beautiful passing moves.

This is the modern player that football requires nowadats. You want your players to be good in defence, running up and down the line all day, while being able to cross and pass the ball as well. Ball Winning Midfielder — An important player in fm14 tactics system, the terrier.

He will run alot, winning the ball back and dominating the midfield with his presence. When he wins the ball back from a cowering opposition player he will quickly distribute it to other players, while himself offering support to the attacking move. He will often sit a little deeper when in possession of fm14 tactics ball, acting as an anchor point if forward passing options are unavailable. You want a typical tough tackling midfielder, who will benefit from good passing and even creativity.

You want strength, determination, passing, tackling, marking, stamina, anticipation, work rate, teamwork Recommended player types can be Sami Khedira, Nigel De Jong. Box-to-Box Midfielder — The second of our midfield pairing, offering equal amounts of movement and dynamism, though in a different manner.

He will be responsible for all the phases of the game, while organising and steering fm14 tactics teams game. In attack, he will spray passes aroud him, looking for opportunities fm14 tactics through balls, fm14 tactics long shots given the right chance. You will also notice aggressive runs into the penalty area from him, running directly from deep. Look for complete players, able to fm14 tactics alot, create and defend.

You should look for good ratings in work rate, teamwork, stamina, passing, marking, tackling, anticipation to name a fm14 tactics. Winger — Your typical english winger. This player will make direct runs with the ball, positioning himself high up the pitch. Fm14 tactics occasion he will receive a long fm14 tactics for a counter-attacking move. He should get a good load of assists and fm14 tactics.

Advanced Playmaker — This is an important player, as he will do a fm14 tactics in order to maintain possession and create chances. In defence, he will stay wide, protecting the flank, either from an aggressive fullback or an onrushing winger. He will often intercept fm14 tactics, and initiate counter-attacking passes. In attack he will usually stay centrally, looking to help maintain possession and looking for intelligent through balls, as well as finishing crosses or getting on the end of passing moves himself.

Look for players with good ratings for passing, creativity, decisions but also stamina, teamwork and work rate in order to cover the flank. Trequartista — One part of the striker pairing that complements each other.

This one is the more creative one, looking for space, dropping deep in order to maintain possession and receive the ball. Fm14 tactics will be responsible for scoring and creating goals, while being a mobile threat with his technique. Look for composure, passing, creativity, finishing, dribbling and pace. Complete Forward — The target man who could pass the ball. The second part of the striker duo. This is the more physical player, who can bully defenders, and hold up the ball with his strength, in order for his teammates to advance into more dangerous positions.

This player will be responsible for both creating and scoring goals. Recommended player types can be Lacina Traore, Romelu Lukaku.

Like any tactical system, this one will benefit from players having the correct preferred moves. Fm14 tactics will list them here, in order from most to least important for each role. I like having my players on individual role training to suit their roles, it always seems to give me best results. So you should just apply all individual training according to the roles the players will have in your team, with the exceptions that fm14 tactics want your goalkeepers on sweeper keeper training and all your strikers on complete forward training.

When it comes to team training I set it up like this: In Pre-Season: Fitness Very High — Match Preparation: In Season: Balanced High — Match Preparation: I make one of my backroom staff do fm14 tactics, usually the one with the best combination of defending and tactical knowledge attributes. This tactic has brought me a lot of success. I dominate my opposition and my teams play stunning football, while being very solid at the back. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

You can use either WinRar or 7-Zip or any other uncompression tools to help you out. Open Football Manager and go to Overview screen of Tactics. Manuel Pellegrini — A Short Background While controversially fired from Fm14 tactics Madrid long debate here on whether it was fair or correcthe enjoyed considerable success at the two other Spanish sides he managed.

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Follow fmscout online. Trophies Megapack. Sign In. FM Scout is the only community you can talk Football Manager fm14 tactics real time. Here are 10 reasons to join! Login to Submit File. Fm14 tactics to create a successful tactic on Football Manager What makes a tactic successful? Which factors can we fine-tune until we get ourselves a tactic that works?

What steps to take? A very reflecting tactic of G. Inspired from the Masterminded Game of Muricy Ramalho. The most successful Brazilian Coach on your Screens. I have had a lot of success with this tactic with teams fm14 tactics as Southampton, Aston Villa and Liverpool. Well look no further! This is the perfect tactic for the underdog!

He used it during the world cup and with Manchester United during the pre-season's games Lots of fm14 tactics with details included. Altmis6Bir1 Tactic Successfully tested with Ajax and Trabzonspor! Carlo usedbut I used a. Use it with big teams as it's made for players with great skill. Apart from his classicI give you two bonus surprise tactics. Insightful videos fm14 tactics pictures inside.

Play possession football with great results. Successfully tested with various teams. It combines an unbreakable defence with a quick, wide, and very effective attack to produce a great tactic. Megalo's Counter v2. Finished in the top 3 every season with Granada and won the Champions League! Expect goals galore and some amazing wide play. FMS Chat — Stam hey, just wanted to let you know that we have a fb style chat for our members.

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