Dok2 south korean rapstar mixtape s

dok2 south korean rapstar mixtape s

Thunderground Musik Mixtape Vol. 1. Released: Thunderground Mixtape Vol. 2' South Korean Rapstar Mixtape. Released. Thunderground Mixtape Vol. 2' By Dok2); Tell Me If You Hear Me (featuring FANA); Gone Home South Korean Rapstar Mixtape. Song Credits. Primary Artists Dok2 & Illionaire Records. Featuring Beenzino, B- Free, Dok2 & 4 more. Writers Beenzino, Dok2 & The Quiett. Containing a total of 22 strong hiphop tracks and collaborations with artists such as Beenzino, The Quiett, B-Free, Okasian, Juvie Train. “Most South Korean rappers are from wealthy families, especially well-known . Dok2 does very much resemble a typical American rap star—minus the intoxicants. 1, one of Korean hip-hop's first American-style mixtapes. Mixtapes. Dok2 - South Korean Rapstar Mixtape · South Korean Rapstar Mixtape. Dok2 - Thunderground Musik Mixtape Vol. 1. Thunderground.

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Dok2 - Rapstar - (Audio).

When Korean artists tour the U. But last September's show at Dok2 south korean rapstar mixtape s. King's in Times Square was not your typical K-pop event. Sure, the crowd was your usual mix of exchange students and non-Korean superfans.

And yeah, the concert was sold out, with lines stretching around the block. Inside the venue, the opening DJ failed to get the crowd moving, and the jetlagged artists, though well-received, were performing songs that seemed largely unknown to their audience.

But in many ways, the journey to B. Without the aid of major-label dollars, Illionaire has risen to the top of the Korean hip-hop scene on the strength of a DIY mentality that has made the three of them rich in their home country—and, slowly but surely, on their way to achieving notoriety abroad.

However, there is also the reality that Koreans, broadly speaking, are not shy about flaunting their wealth, which falls right in line with the ethos of contemporary hip-hop. To start, their content is dominated by boasts about cars, jewelry, and money—especially money. Sonically, each Illionaire artist dok2 south korean rapstar mixtape s heavily on popular hip-hop trends.

Dok2, who has collaborated in the past with K-pop superstars G-Dragon and HyunA, prefers Southern trap and co-opts flows from Tha Carter II -era Weezy and Meek Mill; the Quiett, known more for his production, leans toward boom-bap beats like Primo; and Beenzino raps with a sing-song melody that is unmistakably inspired ghajini tamil video songs mp4 Drake.

The connective thread is that, to their fans, these guys are the embodiment of hip-hop cool. To be successful, most aspiring rappers either join the major-label system or struggle in the dok2 south korean rapstar mixtape s. But as an independent entity, Illionaire is changing the paradigm. Beyond their image and sound, Illionaire earns hip-hop cred because they are hustlers who have bucked the system to create—and make money—on their own terms.

Follow the leaders. Being that hip-hop is a foreign culture that costs money to emulate, those with more money naturally had more access. Along with friends from his neighborhood, he co-founded indie rap label Soul Company in Soon after, the label carved out a niche with jazzy, storytelling rap.

He felt restricted creatively and saw the growing gap between himself and the less sought-after artists on the label. Inhe departed the imprint a year before it completely folded, learning a valuable lesson. A Night Recordpushing 7, Considering sales of 10, denotes platinum and 5, denotes gold in Korea, it made sense for two artists of similar stature to have equal footing in Illionaire.

On the road to those riches, Illionaire has cut out all of the middlemen. Unlike K-pop groups on mainstream labels with multiple members sometimes as many as 12Illionaire has only three self-sustaining artists.

Aside from one employee who coordinates schedules, oversees contracts, and assists in production, there are no salaries to pay. And all of this with no paperwork: Neither partners Dok2 and the Quiett nor Beenzino are bound by contracts. Which means, nobody has to pay back label advances and everybody controls his own masters.

The remaining money from shows, album sales, appearances, and ads becomes net profit for each individual. Dok2 lives alone with his two cats in a lavish penthouse in Video takraw skill, a bustling business district in central Seoul. At around 2, square feet, it includes a living room with a stunning view of the city skyline and a walk-in closet with piles of Jordans, watches, belts, and European designer brands.

Right next to the jewelry are stacks of cash in Korean won neatly presented for decoration—or, as Dok2, who conducted his interview in English, calls dok2 south korean rapstar mixtape s From his appearance snapbacks, chains, tattoos to his music, on which he spits native-sounding English, Dok2 does very much resemble a typical American rap star—minus the intoxicants. After finishing only six years of school, Dok2 dropped out for good.

His contract required the thenyear-old Dok2 to make 10 full albums within a span of eight years. Dok2 south korean rapstar mixtape sstruggling with the terms of his deal, Dok2 self-released Thunderground Mixtape Vol.

It sold over 3, copies. He laments that compared to the U. The last of the three Illionaire artists to join the label is fast becoming its most popular. Bythe Korean Beenzino had become a hot free agent after appearing on various projects as part of a group called Jazzyfact. Though he fielded offers from big labels, he ultimately decided dok2 south korean rapstar mixtape s join Illionaire.

The terms of his agreement? That traction has made the name Beenzino buzz in K-pop circles, where he has become a trendy feature. Still relatively new to the game, Beenzino takes cues from his more experienced labelmates. The main lesson, per the Illionaire mantra, is stay true to himself. It was the trend. S artist. Though it is one of the select Korean hip-hop crews tapped to perform shows in the U. For Dok2, the short-term recognition is not as important as the long-term vision. Dok2 still holds out hope of collaborating with Lil Wayne, and the Quiett has already locked down beats from Pete Rock and DJ Premier for his next album.

So for now, American fame can wait. Making Culture Pop. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Illionaire Records is re-shaping the way Korean rappers achieve success in their home country. Related Interview: Beenzino, Dok2, and The Quiett, the three members of the independent label, each have their own sound that's resonating with a growing audience.

The Quiett, a co-founder and the brain behind Illionaire Records. The Quiett has steered Illionaire Records away from taking the proven K-pop formula for success. On Jan. Illionaire Records runs a lean operation, but the creative freedom is worth it for the Quiett, Dok2, and Beenzino. Dok2 is the co-founder and co-CEO of Illionaire Records, and projects an image that defies the look of typical Korean musicians. At the age of 15, Dok2's major label contract required him to put out 10 albums in eight years.

With a prolific output and an independent business model, Dok2 is living the good life he always wanted. The future of Illionaire Records is tied closely to its up-and-coming star Beenzino. Off the strength of a hit single, Beenzino has caused serious noise, but knows he still has a long way to go. As Illionaire tries to make waves in the U. Dok2 and Beenzino performing live. Dok2 and Illionaire Records aren't anxious about crossing over to America, knowing they have a lot more to conquer in Korea.

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dok2 south korean rapstar mixtape s

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